Hyde, Charles (1740-abt.1810) – London, England

Charles Hyde (b. 1740 London, England, d. abt 1810), was a native of England, and settled in North Carolina after serving through the Revolutionary War. He was married twice. By his first marriage with Nancy [Unknown], he had the following children:


1. Ansel Hyde, born 1770, died 1844. buried in Perry County, Indiana. Ansel’s first wife, Hannah Barclay, died in childbirth with Hiram, [Dan G. Hyde’s 3rd g-grandfather]. Ansel remarried Mary Miller, daughter of Henry and Phebe Miller, and had 12 children! Ansel settled in Breckinridge Co., Ky., then moved to Indiana territory in 1808 on the Ohio River 5 miles below Rome. Later he moved to Ky. back of Cloverport, and 1815 moved to what is now Spencer Co. Ind.


Ansel’s son Hiram married Rachel Totten Irvin in 1815, Roane County, Tenn., and had 17 children! 3 died as infants, 1 on the way to Missouri in 1844.


2. Ezekial Hyde, born 1780, died 1842 in Chicot County, Arkansas. Ezekial married Mary Morris in Christian County, Ky. in 1800. They had 7 known children. He owned land in Arkansas and across the Mississippi River in Washington County, Miss.


3. Joseph Hyde, born abt. 1775, died unknown. Joseph settled in Tennessee.


We are searching for answers to the following questions:


1. What was Charles’s wife Nancy’s maiden name? How many kids?


2. When did Charles come to America? What other family members came over as well?


3. Who were Charles’s parents?


Associated Website


“The Hyde Sides” – website managed by Daniel G. Hyde, Cedar Hill, MO


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  • I descend from Noel Francis Hyde b. SC 1835. But I Have read on a familtreemaker site that Hiram Hyde was of Irish descent. Has anyone heard this?

  • Donna, I suggest discussing this with Dan. We know from NC records that Charles Hide was born about 1739. A variety of sources suggest that he was born in England. The St Sepulchre reference shows a birth date of 29 Aug 1740 and baptism 10 Sept 1740, parents William and Margret. Other family trees wrongly reference Charles’s parents as Thomas Hyde and Elizabeth Bishop of MD – this is incorrect as the two known sons of Thomas were born in 1750 and 1768. A few trees suggest Thomas Hyde b 1700 and Eleanor, but I’m unable to locate any evidence that they had a son Charles circa 1739-40 and would welcome reviewing anything put forward. So, the short answer is that we are not sure that Charles came from London although the St Sepulchre reference cannot be ruled out at this time. We hope that more evidence concerning Charles’s parentage becomes available.

    • I am also very interested in finding out more about Ansel Hyde’s father Charles…his parents, where exactly was he born, when did he come to the US and did he fight in the Revolutionary War, if so, in what capacity…which side? Any information on any of this would be greatly appreciated. This is a fascinating website!

  • Looking for documentation that Charles Hyde b.1740 d.1810 was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Want documentation for DAR purposes. Any help would be appreciated

    • Gisele, did you ever get any documentation on Charles Hyde’s Revolutionary War involvement? I am hoping to become a member of DAR also. Thanks.

      • Never did find anything out, but I am a member of the DAR and would be happy to try and find another patriot that may be in your family. you can write to me at giseledeangelis150@gmail.com

        If you want me to try and find someone for you, let me know and I will try and help you. I am the Vice-Regent for the Ponce De Leon Chapter in Winter Haven Florida

        • Hello Gisele,
          Thank you for the offer to help me find an ancestor from the Revolutionary War. 🙂 I am very excited! I am sorry I did not see this message until now. For some reason I did not see an announcement of your message, but it is easy to lose messages anymore in my email due to my getting so much spam. I will e-mail you about this. Thanks so much!

          • Joan, got info today from cousin. Revolutionary war records, M246, affiliate film # 134, GS Film 000830413, digital folder # 007197132, image 00252

            Washington DC National Archives and Record services

            Supposedly from cousin Craig, Charles was a Sargent and served 1777 in North Carolina.

            I have not searched this yet. I do not believe he has an assigned DAR number. Census show his name as Hide

  • The only reference to suggest that Charles Hyde b circa 1740 came from England and served in the Revolutionary War is an unsourced document concerning the O’Connor family. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence to back the claim up.

    At the present time, what we do know is that there were several Charles Hide/Hydes who leave a paper trail in the US in the latter part of the 18th century. Some were born in MA and CT, one was born in VA/WV, one in NC and another in SC. Of these, only two can be identified as serving in the Revolutionary War, one in MA and the other in VA. Neither of those can be Ansel’s father.

    We’re still sorting through the information that was collected during the North Carolina Project, and it looks like there may be a limited South Carolina project launching soon that will help to clarify the listing for the Charles Hyde above, as well as Ansel, Austin and several related families.

    There’s a partial transcript of the probate papers of Jacob Black of Greenville SC available on IGI and Ancestry, and I would like to see if a more detailed transcript may be obtained as it relates to the Hide family. More about upcoming project soon, including a plan in development for England.

    • I believe the Jacob Black of Greenville, SC. is connected to my Charles Hyde born in S.C. 1819. I believe the connection is through his wife Charlotte Sabrina Day. Her father was Joseph Day

      • Sara – I’m going to include you in the working group email for the Hide/Hydes who have relatives who entered the GA land lottery of 1827. They are all (yes, really all) part of the 448s. As far as I know, Jacob Black is only vaguely connected, because his probate papers mention his heirs at law here https://genealogytrails.com/scar/greenville/probate_records.htm#jacob_black and while it’s true that Noel Hide and his wife Elizabeth Black did have a son Charles, I think that’s might be a different Charles who was in Rabun County GA in 1840. Charles Marion Hyde was in Lee/Randolph County GA where he married Charlotte Sabrina Day on 3 Jan 1840. Charlotte’s parents, Joseph Day and Nancy Ponder, were in Lee/Randolph by 1830 at the latest. Nancy is mentioned in her father Ephriam Ponder’s will, resident of Jefferson County, GA Will Book A, 1797-1873, pg 262. There are several different theories about Charles Marion’s father, hopefully the working group can help us sort those out.

        • Yes this is my Charles and Charlotte Hyde. The connection to Jacob Black is through Charlotte via her Day connection. I need to check this out but as memory serves me it was her mother who was a Black.

          • I am not finding the connection here and after double checking Nancy Ponder was indeed her mother. The confusion is with my Day research. A fellow researcher Marie Mimbs connect to me through the Day line has him in her line somewhere. I do not believe after checking that it joins my connection. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Ansel Hyde and Mary Miller are my 5th great-grandparents. I descend from them through their son William who married Margaret Critchelow. Their daughter Nancy Jane married Daniel Van Winkle of Perry Co, IN. They are my 3rd great-grandparents.

    • Hi Bonita,
      I too descend from William and Margaret Critchelow via their daughter Catherine. Is anything known about Margaret

  • Hi Bonita,

    Ansel Hyde is my 3rd great-grandfather. His son, Samuel, is my 2nd great-grandfather. His son John Riggs Hyde had a son named Ralph Logan Hyde, who was my grandfather. Do you have any information on Ansel’s father? Was he Charles? Do you know if he was in the Revolutionary War, and if so, on which side? It is nice to “meet” you here. 🙂

    Joan Goble

    • Hi Joan! All I know is Ansel’s father was suppose to be named Charles, born in Englan and settled in NC. It’s been said that he served in the Revolutionary War but I’ve not found anything so far to support that. The man is a mystery. Sorry I couldn’t help more. 🙁 It’s always nice to “meet” new cousins.

  • I am looking for the parents of Noel Hyde b. 1776 in Greenville county, NC. He died 1860 Gilmer, GA. Married to Elizabeth Black, daughter of Jacob Black and Hannah Hollingsworth. I have found a Charles Hyde that could possibly be his father but I am unsure if it is him or not. Any help would be appreciated.
    I am working on my husbands family tree.
    Thank you in advance for helping.

    • Noel Hyde became a minister in the Pickens County area of Georgia. In his last census, he was listed as a
      basketmaker, a skill he passed on to a grand daughter. This Noel’s parents are Stephen Hyde b. 1750 and Mary “Mollie” Lucille Waddell. Noel’s son was Charles William Waddell Hyde b. 1812 who married Marry Williams and they hd a son, Charles William Hyde. They are buried in the Berean Baptist Cemetery in Gilmer County, Georgia, Ellijay.

  • I am also a descendent of Ansel Hyde & Mary Miller. I’d love to know more about their heritage and ancestry! This is so amazing!

  • I am a descendant of Ansel Hyde and his first wife, Hannah Barclay. Also a member of the Hyde DNA study. Been away for a while, due to health issues. Now retired, getting back into geno. Working with Tom on this Charles Hyde thing. My reference to him comes from a researcher named Betty Hyde Pesterfield, descendant of Ansel and his second wife, Mary Miller.
    I’m back on board!!

    • Dan, it’s great to hear from you! Glad you’re back into it. We have made some progress, We’re still processing all the information that Tom collected from VA, some of which refers to a “Charles Hide, planter of Lunenburg”. This is in the part of VA that eventually became Mecklenburg County. We are trying to connect him with the Charles Hide who appears in the 1768 tax list of Gideon Wright for Rowan County, NC, living next to the Stephen Hide who married Mollie Waddle (Waddell, var spellings) and not far from a Daniel Boon, which seems to dovetail with some of your family stories. Just to avoid confusion for researchers, this Stephen should not to be confused with the Stephen Hyde (Anson County) who married Susannah Colson Fanning (Tory connections). And Charles himself, born sometime in the 1740’s, should not be confused with the Charles who was born in the 1760’s and moved through NC to SC. This younger Charles was too young to have served in the Revolutionary War but gave some testimony about another man who did – Fold 3 has that information on file. There was also a Charles Hyde (Augusta County VA and Greenbrier WV) who married Martha McCue, this Charles was of the Robert Hyde of Fellgates Creek, York County Va line. At least two of the Charles Hide/Hydes mentioned had sons named Charles.
      Our Family Tree DNA R1a/M512 Charles moved from Rowan, NC to SC and appeared on a deed and a single census in 1790 before his death. Family genealogist Harold Freeman Connor summed up some of the family lore on page 107 in History and Families, McCracken County, Kentucky, 1824-1989 https://books.google.com/books?id=cpMzZe1INPMC&q=hyde#v=snippet&q=hyde&f=false
      Tom and I have discussed at length the possible origins of the story where Mary Hyde’s family was “massacred by Indians.” We know this story did not happen to her family as Tom has filled in many of the gaps concerning Ezekiel’s brothers and half-brothers, William, Joseph, et al. and their numerous descendants. The only incidents we are able to come up with are those that left an enduring impression in the national consciousness of the time. One is the Wyoming Valley, PA Massacre of 1778 https://www.britannica.com/event/Wyoming-Massacre. The other is the murder of the family of Benjamin Hyde/Hide in Surry County in 1755. My belief is that the details of Mary’s story that have filtered down to us – proximal location, same surname, one surviving daughter – match this earlier event more closely. I have some ideas as to why the mythology might replace a single black slave with many generic “Indians” a generation later, but that deserves a broader discussion.

      • I think the Charles Hyde in Virginia was a carpenter. I have a note from a genealogical research book when I visited a library in VA. A record of his contracting with an apprentice.

        • If you run back into the reference, please let us know. There was an early William Hyde who worked as a carpenter in the 1650-1680 time frame. There was also a Charles Hyde who moved to what is now West Virginia – he was part of the Richard the Pirate line. I’ve seen one obscure reference to a “Charles Hyde, planter of Virginia”, but not able to get to Williamsburg anytime soon.

  • Hi, Dan, I am a descendant of Charles Hyde. My father(1927-2008) was born to Cecil Hyde of Villisca, Iowa. In the book “History of Norwich, Connecticut; From Its Possesion By the Indians, to the Year 1866” I read that a Charles Hyde of England was an early settler. Could this be “our” Charles Hyde from England? Lots of the info on him sure seems to fit.

    • Nan, I’m going to run this by Dan and Tom. There’s sort of a lot to unpack because several of the earliest Hyde families had descendants in that part of CT. One of the Charles Hydes was paymaster in the Revolutionary War, working with the likes of Alexander Hamilton and George Washington. An unfortunate shortage of funds drove him out. Another was billed as an English relation of Humphrey Hyde of Windsor and Fairfield, CT by Edward Jessup, who married Humphrey’s granddaughter Elizabeth. Edward managed to obtain money, land in Canada and an English coat of arms by suggesting that Humphrey was related to the Oxfordshire branch of the Clarendon Hydes, and an early settlement project – I’m going from memory so this is not verified – in Green Farms CT/NY was billed as having the backing of “Charles Hyde of England”. What’s notable here is that the phrase “Charles Hyde of England” appears to have been an in-joke between Ansel Hyde (born circa 1790) and his brothers, who tended to list it on legal documents for reasons that are as yet unclear. We are compiling all references to “Charles Hyde of England” in the hopes of some day solving the mystery. If you have the book and can quote the reference, please let us know.

  • Hello all! If I am not mistaken I am a descendant of Charles Hyde. Ansel -Hiram -Samuel Houston -James Jackson -David Huston -Lawrence David -John Huston -David Mark -Mathew David… That is me! I am very interested in learning more. I have been reading a lot of comments and trying to catch up. I’ve done off and on research for 5 years but now I am ready to really get serious and figure out more!

    • Tom Hyde, dochyde2020@hotmail.com has compiled a lot of information about this line over the years. We’re still debating about there being a genuine “Charles Hyde of England” or whether that was an in-joke that Ansel and his brothers used in their military records. (Oddly enough, the joke itself may have involved an unrelated Hyde line, that of Humphrey Hide of Windsor and Fairfield, and concerned newspaper coverage of the development of Green Farms CT and the gravitas conferred by one of the sponsors, “Charles Hyde of England.”

  • I am a descendant of Ansel Hyde through his youngest daughter, Rebecca. It has probably been five years since I’ve looked seriously at the Hyde line in my tree and I’d like to bring it up-to-date. After reading the above comments, it looks like Charles Hyde (1740-1810) of Rowan County, North Carolina is a likely candidate for Ansel’s father, still not absolutely positive, but likely. And it looks like Charles DID serve in the Revolutionary War. I don’t see any comments on his wife. My’thrulines’ dna connections on ancestry.com suggest that Charles wife could be Nancy Burch, daughter of William Burch and Elizabeth Kinsey. Any comments on those names being connected to Charles? And I’ve been trying find some kind of official tree of the Hydes that a person could consult. Does that exist, or is there a particularly ‘rumor-free’ tree on ancestry.com that is worth consulting?

    • Darryl, Tom Hyde (dochyde2020@hotmail.com) has done extensive research on this. I’m going from memory, because I’ve been over all the Charles Hydes with him before. As I recall, the Charles Hyde of Rowan who died in 1810 did not serve in the Revolutionary war, but may have testified on behalf of someone who did. He was also born circa 1760 rather than 1740. There is a possible Charles Hide who appears only in the 1790 NC census – no later documents – and he either had origins in VA or originally settled in VA. That’s something that Tom will be looking at later in the summer when he plans to travel to VA.

  • I was recently given this geneology by my dad’s cousin so it is one generation off for me but it shows my connection with Charles Hyde and his son Ansel and then the future generations. I asked her about it because I wanted to prove my ancestry for DAR membership as well. Hope it can help some of you with your geneology research as well.

    Grandfather – Roy Winchell Carlton
    Born 17 January 1886, Stanton, Nebraska
    Died 4 September 1957, Eugene, Oregon
    Great Grandmother – Isabel Elizabeth Hyde (Carlton)
    Born 31 August 1861, Perry County, Indiana
    Died 21 October 1937, Spirit Lake, Idaho
    2nd Great Grandmother – Mary Ann Hyde (Winchell)
    Born 30 April 1836, Perry County, Indiana
    Died 23 July 1865, Perry County, Indiana
    3rd Great Grandfather – Joseph Alan Hyde
    Born 18 July 1810, Perry County, Indiana
    Died 28 January 1876, Tobin, Perry County, Indiana
    4th Great Grandfather – Ansel Hyde
    Born 1770, Hyde County, North Carolina
    Died 14 October 1844, Perry County, Indiana
    5th Great Grandfather – Charles Hyde
    Born abt. 1750, England
    Died 1810, Hyde County, North Carolina
    (Fought in Revolutionary War)
    Note: 1st Hyde to America abt. 1770
    6th Great Grandfather – Thomas Hyde
    Born 1720, England
    Died: Unknown
    End of available Information on our Hyde line at this time

    Note: Some early immigrants kept the spelling “Hide” when they came to the Colonies and even now, there are many
    families with that spelling, both here and in England.

    • Heather –
      This list of names is a good starting point, but there are many gaps that need to be filled in with research and records. Start with your grandparents and collect as much information as possible on each individual. I can recommend some good starting guides if you’d like. Ansel and Mary (Miller) Hide did have a son Joseph Alan Hyde. Joseph and Elizabeth (Barger) Hyde had a daughter Mary, who appears with them on the 1850 US Census in Tobin, Perry, Indiana. She married Nirum Lafayette Winchell and their daughter, Isabelle Elizabeth Winchell appears on the the 1870 US census living with her grandparents, Joseph Allen and Elizabeth Hyde. Isabelle married John Franklin Carlton in Iowa on 3 July 1880. Isabelle Carlton’s death cert shows her parents as Nrum Carlton and Mary Hyde. You’ll want to collect these and other documents to prove this line.
      Ancel’s father is an open question. There were no (zero) Hide/Hydes in Hyde County, NC between 1750-1790. Ansel and his extended family moved from Johnston County NC to Surry County, NC around the time of his birth. His father is unlikely to have been born in England although it’s possible that his grandfather was. Unfortunately, there is no proof that “Charles Hyde of England” existed. We can’t locate a Charles Hide/Hyde born circa 1750 in any NC or SC records. I know there’s a very strong oral tradition that he was the immigrant ancestor. We did see that Ansel had listed his father as “Charles Hyde of England” on one of his military records, but the reference might link to something in the newspapers of the time and might have been humorous. Tom “Doc” Hyde and I reviewed all the Revolutionary War records for everyone named Charles Hide/Hyde, and none of them belong to this family.
      This line, with its unique DNA variant, is being actively researched by several people and I’d be happy to put you in touch with Tom and others if you’d like.

  • Thank you so much for your reply, Anne. I would be grateful if you could put me in touch with people who are actively researching this line. I have read most of the comments above from various people and am excited to find out more about this line of my family.

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