Hyde Families Newsletter

Hyde Families Newsletter


This is the inaugural issue of the Hyde Families newsletter of the Hyde Genealogy Association. For this issue, Daniel C. Hyde agreed to research and write an original article on the Hyde Estate settlements of the nineteenth century.   This never before published article is the result of several months of research and pulls together many aspects of the infamous Hyde Estates schemes and their impact on the Victorian-era Hyde pedigrees.  We hope you enjoy it.  If you like it, print a copy and mail it to a friend or relative.


The purpose of the Hyde Families newsletter is to publish high quality articles on Hyde genealogy that are of interest to both Hyde researchers and non-researching Hyde cousins.  The newsletter is published on-line on our website in PDF format for people to print and to distribute to family members.  The plan is to publish two issues a year in March and September.  The next issue we will explore the origins of the Hyde surname.

 Co-editors: Ann Sterling <ann.sterling@gmail.com>

                    Daniel C. Hyde  <hyde@bucknell.edu>


If you wish to contribute an article to our newsletter, please contact one of the editors.  See our Contact page.


Volume 1, No. 1 September, 2013  (PDF format for viewing and printing)

Volume 2, No. 1 September, 2014 (PDF format for viewing and printing)

Volume 2, No. 2 March, 2015  (PDF format for viewing and printing)