The Hyde Genealogy Association is a loosely-knit group of volunteers who juggle careers, families and genealogy. Our goals are to research our Hyde family lines, correct errors, and assist others with breaking down their brick walls. We are not writing a book or using anyone’s information for commercial purposes of any kind, and some of us work on the world-wide Hyde Families newsletter.


Our basic philosophy is that each of us should contribute in order to receive the information and work of others.  This requirement has greatly increased our Hyde database which increases the probability of making connections for members. We have this “give-to-get” requirement simply because some would never take the time to submit their information in the process of having their queries answered.


All information submitted to the Hyde Genealogy Association remains the property of the submitter. Anything that is put up on our web page under “Hyde Family Lines” is done with the consent of the person submitting the data.


In order to join, you must agree not to share or transmit Hyde Genealogy Association information, other than your own, to non-members.  By this we are referring to all personal and contact information of living members, as well as any information and research which the information holder considers to be private. Note that the general information contained in the “Hyde Family Lines” section of the web site is available to everyone and edited and updated at the discretion of the submitter.


No dues are currently charged or anticipated for members.  The site admins donate their time and make use of free software (in this case, WordPress).


Members are encouraged to assist others with research and contribute additional information whenever possible.


Individuals interested in joining our organization need to do the following:


  • Agree not to share or transmit Hyde Genealogy Association information, other than your own, to non-members.
  • Agree not to use the Hyde Genealogy Association’s name in communications without prior approval by the site admins.
  • Submit a brief description on what you know of your Hyde lineage and what you are researching.

If you are interested in becoming a member, contact one of the site admins on our Contact page.