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The Hyde Genealogy Association is a not-for-profit, non-commercial organization that fosters communication, collaboration, and community between researchers of variants of the Hyde surname. Variants include, but are not limited to, Hide, Hides, Heide and Heyde, and prefixes such as de, dela, von and van der. We are volunteers whose objectives are to confirm connections and validate existing family research, update family records, examine conflicting data and correct errors whenever possible, and assist with using DNA results to sort and extend family lineages.


The Hyde surname is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies. The Hyde One-Name Study compiles information on the Hyde surname and its variants all over the world.


Interested in using DNA to investigate Hyde ancestors? Then you need to have a male Hyde relative do a Y-DNA test. Currently ONLY one major DNA company does Y-DNA testing, this is Family Tree DNA. The DNA testing companies Ancestry and 23andMe perform a different type of DNA test, using autosomal DNA. Autosomal testing is VERY useful for identifying genetic cousins going back about five generations but not useful for tracing back hundreds of years. One branch of study involves the North Mercia Project, where Hyde and other surnames share a common ancestor who lived in the English Midlands in the fourteenth century.


More information on Family Tree DNA’s Hyde Project


We used to publish an on-line newsletter, Hyde FamiliesThere may be a fourth one some day. When the kids move out.


Lineage information for some individuals can be found in Hyde Family Lines. We have quite a bit more information on file but not a lot of time right now to put it up online. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to ask.

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