Hyde, Micajah (abt 1797-1875)-Hall Co., GA

Micajah Hyde was born abt. 1797 in Wilkes Co., GA and died 1875 in Hall Co., GA. His wife was a Mary,  last name unknown. I think his father was David Hide (Hyde) born about 1768 in Wilkes, GA, died about 1845 in Hall Co., GA.


Micajah and Mary Hyde’s children were the following:


  1. Jesse Daniel Hyde was born 11 June 1825 in Hall Co., GA and died 10 May, 1883 in  Winston Co., AL.  Jesse married Sarah Jarome Barton on 3 Sept 1850 in Hall Co., GA.  They are both buried in Sardis Cemetery, Winston Co., AL.


    Their son William Jackson Hyde was born 17 May 1861 in Lynn, AL and died 17 Oct 1946 in  Haleyville, AL.  William married Harriet Elizabeth Barnett Hyde.  Their daughter Sarah (Sadie) Hyde Newman was my grandmother. I have a lot of history on the Hydes and Bartons who moved from Hall Co., GA, to Winston Co., AL.


  3. Greenberry Hyde b. 1826 Hall Co., GA, married Mary Jane Bell 29 Aug 1843


  5. Harriet Hyde b.1829 Hall Co., GA, married Elias E. Alred 11 Sept 1847


  7. Elizabeth Hyde b. 1830 Hall Co., GA


  9. William Jackson Hyde b. 1834 Hall Co., GA, d. Oct 1855, married Mary Carolina Head 15 Mar 1852


  11. Melinda Hyde b. 11 Oct 1839 Hall Co., GA, d. 11 Sept 1913 Hall Co., GA, married Levi Broom 28 Dec 1856


  13. Mary Hyde b. 1826 Hall Co., GA, married John Simmons


  15. Susannah J. Hyde b. 1838 Hall Co., GA marriage not known


Diane Parvin


We are searching for answers to the following questions:


1. Who were Micajah Hyde’s parents?


2. Who was Micajah’s wife Mary’s last name?

Other research questions?


DNA Data:

To my knowledge none of the living males in this Hyde line have had Y-DNA testing, but there might be some willing to participate.  I have had mtDNA and Family Finder testing done at on FTDNA.  So far I have not been matched with any Hydes except for my first cousin, also a great granddaughter of William Jackson Hyde.


If you are of this line, please leave a reply with your name and email address. Thanks!


  • I’m not sure if i fall in to the hall county georga lines but i do know my great grandfather was from north ga his name was joe hyde and he married a Cherokee names xenobia from winston county alabama and that is currently where i reside. my grand father had brothers and som more family mov to this area also

  • I am the great granddaughter of William Jackson Hyde. My grand father was Joe R. Hyde. usually called Rile by everyone who knew him. I have been trying to trace the line and have gotten as far as some census that put Jesse next door to Macajah. There is even one with David and Macajah. Just wondering how far along you are in your search?

  • Richard Hyde may have been the first immigrant in my family line: 1. Richard Hyde married Mary Cotton.
    2. Richard Hyde married Mary Evans. 3. David Hyde married Mary Wilkins. 5. Stephen Hyde married Mary mollie L Waddell. 6. Noel Hyde married Elizabeth Black. 7. Charles William Waddell Hyde married Mary Williams. 8. Charles William Hyde married Martha Lathona White. 9. Ira Herschel Hansel Jackson Hyde married Maude Elizabeth Woodward. 10. Urban Alexander Hyde married Lillian Eliese Wildman (my parents.) As the 11th generation in this line of Hydes, originally from South Carolina, I’m wanting to know more factual information about those first two Richard Hydes. I HAVE NO IDEA IF MY LINE EVER LIVED IN NORTH CAROLINA. Thanks for any asssistance.
    Dorothy Hyde Martin, Austin

    • Dorothy, there were three Stephen Hyde/Hides in the 1790 census. One of them is Stephen Hyde of Anson County, NC, who was the son of David Hyde and Mary Wilkins. He is mentioned in David Hyde’s will (NC, 1785). He was a slaveholder, as were almost all in the extended Richard Hyde line. This Stephen of Anson was married to Susanna Colson Fanning and is also mentioned in her father John Colson’s will (SC, 1789). John Colson was a Tory and I believe that Stephen was also. Both Hyde and Colson complained to the provisional government of NC concerning confiscation of their lands, 1786 – that record will clarify this Stephen’s descendants.
      The second Stephen only appears in the 1790 census and no other. I *think* Stephen Hide of Surry County, SC is the one married to Mary “Mollie” Waddell, and she appears as a widow in the 1800 Spartanburg, SC census, very close to Stephen’s brother George Hyde/Hide, who has moved from his land in Surry NC to Spartanburg SC. This branch of Hydes did not leave wills, but there are associations with probate records and land purchases between a Samuel, George, Charles and this Stephen Hide/Hyde. Possibly someone could jump in here with additional information? This is where I get confused.
      The third Stephen Hide/Hyde/Hede appears in Greenville, SC in 1790 and is the one associated with the Noel Hide who married Elizabeth Black. James, Noel and Isaiah Hide are all quite close to one another on the 1800 census, while Stephen is either not in Greenville or not a head of household (look for older males)…so I’m not saying that the Stephen Hide/Hyde of Surry is *not* Noel’s father, just that we need some clarification between Stephen of Greenville, SC and Stephen of Surry, NC – one of whom served in the Revolutionary War. Anyone? Tom?

      • Look at the year 1610-1669 he’s the first,1647- 1710 2nd, 1705- 1785 3th, Richard the pirate was just that.work your way back .

        • I’m direct line, if your kin to Richard hyde, David hyde 1805 hall co G.A, you go back to the year 1167, an even to the 4th cent

    • Hello cousin,like dais before, I’m a direct line, the hydes to 1167, people get stuck at. Hyde the piate, he isn’t the 3th,I could take back 1167, look at Matthew de hyde, work your way back, anyway Richard the first is 1610-1669, Richard the 2nd is 1647-1710, the 3th is 1705-1785, the pirate was just that, the martins, an the Farley’s married into the hydes,i have everything in my books, it’s going to blow your mine!

  • I think that my grandfather, Rufus Homer Hyde, was related to this family. He was born in 1909 in Fulton County, Ga. (I believe), and died in 1995 in Cleveland County, NC. This is his DSS card. Unfortunately, I don’t have much more information on his childhood than that provides.

    • Blake, this is Tom “Doc” Hyde’s direct line, so I’ve asked him to take a look at this. In my reply to Dorothy, which appears directly above your comment, is a breakdown of the Stephen Hydes. There’s quite a lot of (free) information on Familysearch.org, so you may want to use that to get birth, marriage, death, census and other records to fill in the blanks of this outline: Rufus Homer Hyde b 6 Aug 1909, married Epthia Pauline Curtis….Rufus’ parents were Rufus Thornton Hyde b 1881 and Della Clark b 1886….Rufus T’s parents were Daniel Tense Hyde b 1835 and Martha Eulone Mabry b 1848 (father Osbern Mabre/Mabry)…they appear in the 1870 census Shoal Creek, Dawson, GA next door to Pinien or Pinion family. Confederate soldier. Daniel T’s parents were…it gets very sketchy from here….possibly Daniel or David Hide/Hyde…On the 1810 census for Greenville, SC there’s a young Daniel – although could be David – Hide, approx 22 years old with his young wife. They are living near Linderman/Lenderman, Redman/Redmon, and Ray families, as well as Jacob Black and Samuel Dyer. In the 1830 census for Pickens, SC they are living next to Stokes Pinion, Noel Hyde and Stephen Hyde…Daniel Hide/Hyde’s parents are said to be Stephen Hyde and Mary “Molly” Waddell. On Hyde DNA, this is our R-M512 Group from England.

  • I’m trying to figure out what hyde line I belong to. My 3x great grandfather was Rufus F Hyde. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Mary, yours is the William Christopher Hyde line. i sent you some information via email, let me know if you have any questions.

  • My husband is the 4 greatgrandson of Micajah Hyde. We are looking for more information as well. We hit a stumbling block with him everytime. What could a blood test prove? Thanks for any info ☺

    • AJ, fortunately for us all, a DNA test does not require blood, but just a Q-tip rubbed gently on the inside of your cheek then sealed in a vial and mailed back to Family Tree DNA. Our surname project has descendants of Micajah, and Diane Parvin is a good person to speak with about that, as is Tom Hyde. I’ll send you an email directly.

  • Diane, I am related to Micajah Hyde also. Micajah-William Jackson-William Thomas (Thom)-Nelia Hyde Wood-Lottie Blanch Wood Benson-Nellie Margaret Benson Webb-Mike Webb.
    I would very much lik to be part of your discussion group on the Hyde’s.
    Do you have any information on where William Jackson Hyde and Mary Caroline Head Hyde are buried? Mary Caroline’s, parents, Billy and Sarah Head, are buried at Airline Baptist Church.
    Also, did you know that William Thom Hyde operated a grist mill in Hall County? Hall County bought the mill several years ago and is now in the process of restoring the mill. I think they are planning a dedication in the near furture.
    Again, please add me to your association and list.
    Mike webb
    Newnan, GA

    • Hi Mike, thank you for your post, I would be glad to share information and eraser have our Hide/Hyde families with you. Micajah Hyde’s son Jesse Daniel Hyde, was my great great grandfather, married Sarah Jarome Barton. Your William Jackson would have been Jesse’s brother, and my great grandfather William Jackson would have been named after him. I believe your William Jackson died in the Civil War. I believe he was born in 1834, Hall Co., GA, married Mary Caroline Head 15 March 1852, daughter of William Head and Sarah Thompson. The Hydes and Bartons were very active in the Timber Ridge Baptist Church located about 11 miles outside of Gainesville, GA. Micajah Hide and his wife Mary joined by letter May 1852. William Jackson and Mary Caroline Head were received “by experience “ in September, 1853. I don’t know the date of William Jackson’s death, will look further into his Civil War records. I found C. Hide in the 1860 census living with William and Sarah Head and Thomas Hide, age 6 and Jackson Hide, age 4. I found Mrs. M. C. b. 1833, d. Oct. 1910, buried in the Timber Ridge Cemetery, Hall Co., GA. In 1859 my Barton/ Hyde families migrated to Winston Co., AL, and most of my search has been there. I’m glad to be finding more about the other children of Micajah. Thanks again, I look forward to sharing more information.

      Diane Parvin

  • Hello,
    I was made aware of this site by Dan Hyde. My gig grandfather was Ansel Madison Hyde. He was born in Georgia and moved to Marion/winston county in Alabama. The area where they lived was Thornhill and he owned a store there. My great grandfather was Oralndo Hyde he was called Lando by everyone and moved with his mother to Florence, Alabama after the death of his father in 1886. I think it his ties into the Micajah line somehow. Thanks Debe

    • This would be Robert Orlando Hyde, 1879 – 1936, (not to be confused with Orlando Cortez Hyde, different line as far as I know). Robert Orlando was as you say, the son of Ansel Madison Hide/Hyde and Mary Amanda Hicks. Ansel and Mary can be found in the 1860 census in Winston, AL, 1870 and 1880 censuses in Marion, AL. Censuses show Ansel born circa 1833 in GA, both parents born GA. Marriage record for Ansel M Hyde and Mary A Hicks in Hall County, GA 29 Sept 1853. Ansel, various spellings, is believed to be a son of David Hide/Hyde of Hall County, GA, born in GA circa 1804 and appearing on the 1850 census there, so this is one of the David Jrs as Sr was already aged 60-69 in 1830 Hall County Census. This appears to make Ansel Madison a brother of one of the Micajahs and a cousin of the “Micajer” (age 30-40) and William (age 20-30) Hydes living next to David Sr in 1830. The best person to contact about this line is Diane Parvin, whose email is provided above.

    • Rose, please be as specific as you can. Are we talking about Cherokee or another tribe? Is this thought to have come down through the Pound/Pounds line?

    • So far as I know neither I nor any of my Hyde/Barnett /Pounds relatives who have had DNA testing have shown any Native American DNA.

  • My great great grandfather was William Jackson Hyde born 1834; died 1855. Married Mary Caroline Head born 1833; died 1910. Both buried at Timber Ridge Baptist church, Gainesville, Georgia.

    My great grandfather was Jessie J. Hyde; married Harriett Caroline Greenway.
    Both buried at Whitehall Baptist Church, Gainesville, Georgia.

    Any help in which Hyde line would be appreciated.

  • My great-grandfather is William Jackson Hyde. My bother and I just visited the Sardis Cemetery in Lynn, AL where his father Jessie Daniel is buried. Unfortunately, the grave of his wife is unmarked now. We also visited the Union Grove Cemetery in Bear Creek, AL where William and Elizabeth and several of their children are buried. My grandparents Thad Gordon and Susie Hyde Gordon are buried nearby in the Ireland Cemetery. I would love to have any information you may have accumulated on the Hyde or Barton families. My email is below.

    Thank you,
    Freda Gordon Silva

    • William Jackson Hyde and wife Harriet Elizabeth Barnett are part of the Micajah line. This page needs updating. Diane Parvin is the genealogist to contact with questions. Diane, please email me when you get a chance. Thanks!

  • Does anyone know where Ansel Madison Hyde was buried? he died in 1870’s in Winston county Alabama. He was married to Mary Amanda Hicks. thanks Debe

  • Donald B. Dodd and Wynelle S. Dodd published a book in 1972 “Winston: An Antebellum and Civil War History of A Hill County of North Alabama”, which includes an appendix with compiled cemetery records. The following record is recorded: Ans. M. Hyde 9/23/1830-10/8/1885; M.A. Hyde (wf) 18?-9/22/1889. Hyde Cem. W. of Haleyville.

  • Looking for parents/ancestors of Susanna(h) Elizabeth Hyde of Greenville Cty, SC. Married to Lewis Robert Cox of same county and mother of Martha Louella Cox Forrester, born in 1872 in Mauldin, Greenville Cty, SC.

    Thank you for any info,

    • Susan Hide (var spellings) of Greenville, SC born 20 Aug 1844 m Lewis Robert/Robertson Cox b 19 Aug 1845. Numerous books on Cox family history. Per “Forgotten Heroes: Police Officers Killed in Dade County 1895-1995”, Lewis’s great great grandfather William Cox Sr (1730-1814) was a resident of Greenville at the time of his death. Susannah and her husband are buried at Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery in Simpsonville, Greenville County, SC, along with others of both extended families. The Greenville News 3 July 1903 published her obituary, naming her father as Abner Hyde and confirming that she and Lewis had 9 children. She died at Mauldin, formerly called Butler’s Cross Roads. Hyde, Cox and Bramlett families all lived in this area. From this point on, a deeper level of research is needed to confirm connections. Lewis may appear in the 1850 census in Greenville, family #1760. 1755 is Newton Bramblete. Not far, Hyde families #1846 and #1848 with probable relatives of Susannah. Family #1849 is Wilson Ray and family #1856 is Jacob Harlan Hide, possible but unconfirmed extended family grouping. We know that John B Hyde who married Margaret Bramlett is a probably relative, as Bramletts appear in same area and are buried in same cemetery as Lewis and Susannah Cox. 1860 census appears to show Lewis living with William Cox family, possible grandfather or uncle in same area, now called Fairview, Greenville, Dublin post office. “Sana” Hyde is living with Wilson Ray family. Same area family #2279 appears to be Susannah’s family living with Pinson family (possible alternate spelling of Pinion?). Recommend contacting area history centers as we have nothing on Abner at present time, and the censuses can only suggest possible relationships.

      • Dear Ann, I just discovered your reply to my inquiry and want to let you know how much I appreciate the info. My mother was a Bramlett so I am aware of how close the Cox, Hyde and Forrester families were back in the day. Abner has remained a mystery and even though Jacob Harlan is mentioned in documents passed down in the family as a possible ancestor there is no definitive proof. You’ve done a great job here and I am grateful for your work.


        • Sarah, there are some mysteries that we’ll never have satisfactory answers to. But sometimes we can get close. My last dozen or so queries and emails have all been about the same extended family. 
          In the 1860 census for Fairview, Greenville, SC, Dublin post office, on page 3 of 13, we find Lewis Cox, aged about 16, living with his grandparents William and Eliza Cox. On the same page, Dianna (Hyde) age 65 is living with husband Wilson Ray age 70 and an as-yet unidentified Sara Hyde age 77.
          Fairview was a very small town and the census is only about 13 pages long, so it’s easy to do a search for all people named “Susan” or similar. There were only two – Susan Meeks can be ruled out. The other, on page 6 of 13, is Susannah Hyde. Household of Jeremiah Pinson age 48, Sally Pinson age 70, Mary Graham age 60, Gracy Hyde age 42, Jane Hyde age 16, Susanna Hyde age 9, Elizabeth Hyde age 60, Elizabeth age 39, and Mary A age 1. My impression is that there are several buildings on this farm, so this single household might really be 3 or 4 semi-cooperative ones. 
          Turn the clock back 10 years to the 1850 Greenville, SC census, on pages 251 and 252 of 305, and we see household #1846 Elizabeth Hide age 58, Gracy Hyde age 28, Sara (possibly “Sara Jane”?) Hide age 6;  #1847 Mary Graham age 60 again, William Graham age 50, Elizabeth Graham age 25;  #1848 Sara Hide age 66;  #1849 Wilson Ray age 50, and Diana (Hyde) Ray age 48. 
          If the census is accurate, it would make Susan about 15 at the time of her marriage, which is not unusual. Census ages can be off for a number of reasons, sometimes it has to do with birthdates and the month a census was taken, or these can simply be misremembered, misstated or misheard, which was generally – but not always – unintentional.
          The marital status of the women in the Greenville censuses is not given. Something I run into with large farm families is that they will sometimes group the elderly and the young with caregivers for part of the year, and send the young men out to different farms. The reason I mention this is because I can’t place any of the women. There’s a whole succession of Wilson Rays in North Carolina but nothing yet to link a Hide/Hyde with a Ray in SC. They’re living very close to Jacob H, but the thing is, Diana is not the daughter of Noel Hide and Elizabeth Black.   
          The probate papers of Jacob Black, filed in Greenville, SC in 1839, mention Jeremiah Hide and his wife Sarah Black; Noel Hide and his wife Elizabeth Black and their eight children – Jacob Harlan Hyde (married Mary “Polly” Cox), Jeremiah (married Sara Dyer), Charles (married Mary MNU), Reuben (married Margaret W MNU), Parker Bottoms married Mary “Polly” Hide, Anthony Fowler married Sarah Hide, Thomas Sanford married Elizabeth Hide, and Thomas Weaver married Nancy Hide. Noel and Elizabeth did not have any other children. It’s possible she’s the daughter of Noel’s brother Jeremiah Hide/Hyde and wife Sarah Black, so something to check into.  
          While I think about it, if anyone writes an overly long post (like this one) and it gets caught in our spam filter (also like this one), email me and I’ll take care of it.

  • Looking for info on my 3rd great grandfather John Simmons that married Mary Hyde 1858 in Hall County Georgia. They had two sons Thomas and Jackson.

    • Mary Hyde, daughter of Mary and Micajah married John Taliaferro Simmons in Hall County, GA, 23 Dec. 1858. He was the son of Joshua Simmons (1790-1861) and Sarah Lewis (1793-1891), see Genealogy of the Lewis Family in America: From the Middle of the of the seventeeth century down to the present time Volume 1. The information on the Simmons family came from a transcription of the Simmons Family Bible from 1733 to 1923, transcriber Sallie Taylor Simmons. Further information concerning the transcription can be found here http://www.bookofbowie.net/family/INDIs/II4193.html#pedi

  • Hello, I’m researching my mother’s side ancestry. Her name is Juanita Hyde(Simek) born to John H. Hyde and Levonia Savage Hyde of Hall county. My grandfather had a corn mill on Noah Martin Rd off of Old Cornelia Hwy. I believe my mom was born in New Holland and her parents worked for the cotton mills.
    John Henry Hyde’s father was William Thomas Hyde, who was a son of William Jackson Hyde, who was the son of Micajah Hide married to Mary Keen. My research on the Hyde side stops at David Samuel Hide(Hyde), father to Micajah.
    Any historical information is appreciated. Thanks

  • Jennifer, I’m in the midst of wrapping up another project and the answer to your question is long and complicated. More information will be forthcoming. For now, David’s father was George Hide, born circa 1768, who left a will. We can track George and his brothers back to Franklin and Spartanburg and beyond, but I’m waiting on some information from Anson County, will let everyone know when we’ve had a chance to add that to what we know about Hides in Granville. This line is often mistaken for the “Richard the Pirate” line but DNA shows them to be unrelated. In the meantime, I am VERY interested in all of the women, daughters and wives, because we don’t have nearly enough information on them. Do you, or does anyone, have information about Mary Keen? Is there anything proving her maiden name? Which David did Rosetta Redman marry in Hall County in 1828? Is her mother the Rachel Redman/Redmond who appears in the 1830 Hall County census? What is the relationship of Elizabeth Hide who married Dudley Pool, to Judith Hide, a minor who was provided for in Elizabeth’s husband’s will? Any information concerning the women, even the slightest mention on some list, would be helpful.

    • Ann, I was wondering if you have any updates or additional information regarding what you posted in October – “David’s father was George Hide, born circa 1768, who left a will. We can track George and his brothers back to Franklin and Spartanburg and beyond, but I’m waiting on some information from Anson County, will let everyone know when we’ve had a chance to add that to what we know about Hides in Granville.” I’m researching on behalf of a descendant of David Hyde Sr. (b. circa 1765) who I believe was a brother of the George Hyde you mentioned (b. circa 1768). From tax records it appears both were in Franklin County in the very early 1800s and then David went to Hall County by 1820. I’ve seen numerous trees stating they were sons of a George Hyde from Wilkes County, NC but I have yet to see any evidence of that. Any information you can share would be much appreciated.

      • Megan – This brings together several researchers that I still have to speak with, those in our M512 – DYS448 null group. I did get Anson County clarified but those Stephen Hydes (father and son) were not related to the Stephen/Steven Hyde/Hide who is part of this M512 line. David Hide (bc 1768-1845). David was named in his father George Hide’s will, filed 29 July 1790, Wilkes County GA, Deed Book GG. George’s unnamed wife predeceased him, but his children are given as David, George, Betty, Pleasant, and Winnie. Through both records and DNA, we know that George Hide of Wilkes was the son of an earlier George Hide, born no later than 1734, who appears in Johnston County NC in the 1750’s and in Surry County, NC in the late 1760’s. There are one or two areas where we’ve talked about hiring someone at the local history center because the records we need are not online and it helps to have someone familiar with the library holdings and resources in those specific areas. There were many unrelated Hide/Hyde families moving along the frontier in NC in the mid-eighteenth century, and a few were living quite close to one another. Tom “Doc” Hyde has been gathering information for easily twenty years, probably longer, and he and Ed Hyde have done a lot to disentangle these families and put them in the correct trees. There are still some inaccuracies and I hope that others will work with us and point these out to us. We don’t have anything prior to George Hide Sr’s appearance in NC, although we know that he was related through DNA to Charles Hide Sr and Steven/Stephen Hide Sr, both also appearing in Surry, NC, in the 1750’s. I haven’t been able to get a good estimate on the ages of either Charles or Stephen as they were deceased prior to the 1800 census. DNA has helped us to rule out the line of Richard Hide “the pirate” as well as several nearby Hide families who came to NC from CT, MA, MD and PA. We’ll continue to work on this line and post updates when we can. Feel free to email me directly as I have a copy of the will and some other documents.

  • My second great grandfather John T. Simmons married Mary Hyde in Hall County Georgia in 1858, they had two sons Thomas and Jackson they both were buried at Enron Baptist Church Cemetery in Hall County Ga. I’m trying to find out where John T. Simmons was buried, please any info would be helpful.

  • Danny, any info is something I can provide, where he’s buried is more complicated. Let’s take a look at the information, keeping in mind that John  Simmons is a fairly common name. There’s a Confederate military record (46th Regiment, Company H) for a John T Simmons who was born in Marion County GA in 1841, not the right guy. We know that John Simmons (no middle initial) and Mary Hyde were married in Hall County GA on 23 Dec 1858 by Armestid Whitlock, a Baptist minister who happened to be a neighbor of Mary’s parents, Micajah and Mary Hide, as well as possibly John Simmons parents, Joshua and Sarah (Lewis) Simmons. I say “possibly” because of the data points: 1. the marriage record doesn’t mention a middle initial 2. the death record of their son Thomas also doesn’t mention John’s middle initial 3. the book “Genealogy of the Lewis Family in America…” by William Terrell Lewis https://www.google.com/books/edition/Genealogy_of_the_Lewis_Family_in_America/fu4wAAAAMAAJ?hl=en mentions on page 269 that John Taliaferro (pronounced “Tolliver”) Simmons born 1832 died single in Auburn, Lee County Alabama in 1861. On the surface, it seems that he could not be the husband of Mary and father of Thomas B and Jackson W Simmons, both born between 1862-1865. It might possibly be another John in part of the same large family, which migrated from VA to Rutherford, NC to the part of Franklin County GA that became Hall County. Joshua and Sarah Simmons are noted as members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. John Talliaferro Simmons and Mary Hide appear to have grown up tantalizingly close to one another as you can see in the 1850 census, but that’s not quite enough to work with in terms of there possibly being more to the story. I looked for Mary or possibly Polly Simmons and her children in the tax lists, following her Hide siblings, but unfortunately Jack/Jackson W Simmons and Tom/Thomas B Simmons and all the variants in between occur very often. It appears the two brothers remained not far from Hall and Banks County, where they appeared together as farmers and renters in 1900. It looks as though they may have been sent to work on nearby farms from a young age, but that’s not definite. A professional genealogist might be able to make more of this, and the Simmons DNA Project at Family Tree DNA looks as though they might have someone in the extended line, so you might consider a Y-DNA test to possibly connect with other family members. 

  • Can anyone identify the parents of Stephen Hyde? My guess has been that this Stephen’s father was named, William, but it’s only a guess.
    My Stephen Hyde who was b.abt.1810 and married Jane Frick/Frixt in South Carolina.

  • My greatgrand mother, Mary Hyde of Walker and Jefferson Counties, Alabama, is decendent of Hyde’s from Hall Co. Ga. Any sources that I can research for family search ?

    Milt Simmons

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