Parents of Jonathan Hyde (1626-1711)?

Looking for parents of Jonathan HYDE (b. 1626 in Eng.; d. 5 Oct. 1711, Newton, Mass.) who came from London, England to Boston with his older brother Samuel HYDE (b. 1610 in Eng.; d. 12 Sept. 1689) on the ship Jonathan in 1639. Jonathan married, first, Mary FRENCH of Billerica (b. 1633 at Halstead, Essexshire, Eng.; d. 27 May 1672) in about 1650. Jonathan lived in the part of Cambridge, Mass. which became Newton. He later married Mary REDIAT of Marlboro, Mass. who died about 1708.

Several people on the Internet claim that Robert HYDE (b. c1592 at Denton, Lancashire, Eng.; d. 1684) and Alice CROMPTON (b. c1595 Crompton, Lancashire, Eng.) are Jonathan’s parents. However, I have never seen any evidence of this fact.

Dan C. Hyde

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  • Hi, my family tree descends from Samuel the older brother, his great grandson Josiah returned to England after 1st wife died hence my existence in the north west of England. I haven’t tied everything up but yes I believe Samuel and his brother Jonathan came from Denton lancs and parents were Robert Hyde and Alice Crompton .

  • Dear Karen, I see that you were on this website over a year ago. Hope you get this. I am a descendant of Jonathan, brother of Samuel. I got my brother to do the DNA testing for the Hyde project on Family Tree. I would very much like to hear what you have found out. Thanks, Darlene

  • Dan, I’m new to genealogy research. However, I quickly saw I was going to have to source everything if I wanted it to be correct. I traced my line back to Samuel Hyde and his wife Temperance. In “Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers of America: With a Brief History of Those of the First Generation and References to the Various Local Histories, and Other Sources of Information where Additional Data May be Found” by Henry Whittemore 1898 it lists Samuel Hyde and Joseph Hyde as brothers. Then in the Annals of Hyde and district: containing historical reminiscence of Denton, Haugton, Dukinfield, Mottram, Longdendale, Bredbury, Marple, and the neighboring townships” by Middleton, Thomas of Hyde 1899 on page 198 it shows a will of Robert Hyde’s dated 1682 in which Samuel Hyde is listed as his son, but still no mention of Joseph. It looks like your research was more extensive on trying to link the two, so I wanted your thoughts. Also, several undocumented trees have Temperance’s maiden name as Crompton, but I haven’t found any real source data to support that. Does anyone have anything on Temperance’s maiden name?

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