• Hello! I am a descendent of Elijah Hyde (born 1754) who married as his 2nd wife, Rebecca Stark (born 1780). They were married and lived in Grand Isle, Vermont. Elijah died in Grand Isle in 1820. I am seeking documentation on their children, most specifically on their son Ahi Hyde (born 1811) who married Eliza Chamberlain (born 1816). They were married in 1836 in Chazy, New York. I am looking for a will for Elijah Hyde and birth records of his children with Rebecca Stark and any other pertinent documents/pictures. My line — Elijah Hyde – Ahi Hyde – John E. Hyde (married to Mary Z. Bullis) to their daughter, Lucy Gorham Hyde (who married George Leon Graham) to their daughter Dorothy Graham (my grandmother). Thank you!

  • Dori, at the bottom of our writeup on William Hyde of Norwich https://www.hydegenealogy.com/?page_id=619 is a link to the Hyde genealogy book on his descendants. Volume 1 pg 619 Elijah’s children with Rebecca Stark. The tree on Family Search is here, and you can click on “Sources” for specific documentation https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/LVQ2-JXC – you’ll have to scroll to the bottom to find Rebecca Stark and his children, including Ahi. Cutter mentions Elijah in New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: A Record…Vol 4. Wills for Grand Isle are not online, you’d need to go to a Family History Center and check the index for vols 1-4 to see what’s available https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/247086?availability=Family%20History%20Library or you could visit the Grand Isle Historical Society (scroll to view) https://vermonthistory.org/franklin-and-grand-isle-county-museum-directory Happy hunting!

  • I believe that I am descended from Henry Hyde who married Rebecca Warren. As far as I have been able to determine, Henry did not leave a Will, but Rebecca did (her will is on Ancestry at Ancestry.com – Tennessee, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1779-2008). In her Will, Rebecca mentions, directly or indirectly, 7 children – (1) Henry who predeceased her but left relict Polly, (2) Benjamin, (3) Richard, (4) Edmond, (5) Taswell, (6) John, and (7) Rebecca Hyde Stump. Henry Hyde and Rebecca Warren Hyde also had a son Jordan who predeceased Rebecca. Jordan left a Will in which he mentions his brothers Benjamin, Edmond, Richard and Taswell.
    I can definitively trace my line going up to Carroll W. Hyde (married Ariana Alice Manlove) who I believe to be the son of Benjamin W. Hyde (son of Henry and Rebecca). All of our family lore and memory traces to Nashville and Henry Hyde, but I cannot tie Carroll to Benjamin with documents. In the 1820 and 1830 census, Benjamin did have a son of the right age to be Carroll. Benjamin’s wife was Amelia “Milly” Cherry and I do have DNA matches who trace to Amelia’s ancestors and then down a Cherry family line so I think that I have it right.
    Does anyone have any documentary evidence for the Benjamin to Carroll connection? Anybody out there who is a confirmed descendant of another son of Benjamin or Henry Hyde who has taken an Ancestry DNA test?
    Lisa Hyde Roach

    • A further note on Henry and Rebecca Hyde – Ancestry does have a copy of Rebecca’s will and it is indexed properly under her name as Rebecca Hyde, but the names of her sons are all transcribed as “Floyde” instead of Hyde. I have added corrections, but the search engine does not seem to pick up Rebecca’s will if you search for one of her sons.

      • Lisa – Henry Hyde and Rebecca Warren are part of the “Richard the Pirate” line, which I’ll be talking about in another few days when I respond to Traci. The problem is, to the best of my knowledge, Benjamin W Hyde and Emily “Milly” Cherry are not part of that line. I’m going to check because I think we have both paper and DNA showing they are two unrelated families. Let me take a look at Carroll.

        • Lisa – I reviewed, and Carroll is the son of Benjamin W Hyde and Emily “Milly” Cherry, and Benjamin is the son of Henry Hyde and Rebecca Warren, so you are part of the Richard the Pirate line. There are quite a few records on this family proving the connection. This line was professionally researched several decades ago, and appears on the internet in various forms, that will be part of the discussion. I suspect this is going to take longer than I initially anticipated.

  • Hello global Hyde tribe, I’m late to this delving into ancestry as I relied on a cousins research which undertook meticulously pre internet searches. She went to Somerset House and toured Cheshire and Wiltshire. She established an extensive family tree back to Matthew de Hyde. The two hundred years1600 – 1800. I know William Hyde born in Stockport1795 my gggfather was the Rev in Donyatt and my ggggfatherEdward Francis Hyde born in 1855. ( one of 9 siblings) migrated to South Australia in 1868 and that my brother born in 1954 and his Thomas are the only male continuation of that line. Hamon Hyde as/Thomas/ Wiiliam Hyde during the 1600’s and 1700. I was given a signet ring which has the Hyde crest( griffin) the Hyde seal and a farewell silver mug from the parishioners of Donyatt 1760.Thankyou if you can comment on the above.

    • Candace – There’s quite a bit of documentation for the family of Rev William Hyde of Donyatt and his wife Emma Allen, and records of their son, Francis, in Australia (and possibly another son or a grandson, John). I imagine that your cousin’s research is pretty solid as they have all the visitations and other sources lined up in the libraries and local history centers in Cheshire and Wiltshire. This gives me an opportunity to talk about medieval Hyde lines, which I don’t get to do very often. Around the time HGA was started, we joined the Guild of One-Name Studies, and one of the goals was to discover the origins of the surname. For years, I’ve been comparing heralds’ visitations with extensive land and court records, mapping projects, wills, prosopographical studies, and the stories that these families told about their own origins in previous centuries. So here’s sort of a snapshot of where we are:
      1. In 1889, Wilhelmina Powlett, Duchess of Cleveland, compiled The Battle Abbey Roll, which was a list of surnames with descriptions of those who came with William the Conqueror. The Hydes were mentioned, but Wilhelmina sniffed, “I very much doubt that this name has any right to be here, as it sounds like a local English one to me.” And – she was right. We’ll get into that in an origins issue after some of the other projects are complete.
      2. Are there Hydes mentioned in the Domesday Book? Yes, Thomas de Hyde in the area that is Islington was mentioned. It’s not clear if he can be linked to later Hydes, but we’re working on it.
      3. Did the Hydes really own Hyde Park in London? Yes. No. It’s Complicated.
      4. Was there a great Hyde fortune? No, 19th-century newspaper stories were essentially an American misunderstanding of a British debt collection tactic. Debt collectors would place ads in newspapers announcing a search for a particular individual, or the heirs of that individual, suggesting there was a large sum of money waiting for them if they presented themselves at a particular place. If they showed up, they’d be presented with an invoice rather than a legacy. American newspapers knew nothing of this and reported rumors of fortune as fact. As a result, the origin stories of many American Hyde lines, including my own, were altered to reflect that we came “from England”.
      5. How accurate are those medieval Hyde lines that go back to the year 1000 or so? Visitations were essentially self-reported. If you try to compare names and dates to actual records, there are plenty of discrepancies but the general outline is in the ballpark. The earliest traceable Hyde family appears in the papers of the second Earl of Pembroke, William Marshal, explaining that Roger de Hyde was in Ireland on “the King’s business”. We’ll cover this in the origins story.
      6. Can Y-DNA tell us anything? Possibly. The thing to keep in mind is that when we look at medieval records, there are going to be a certain expected number of adoptions and NPEs, as well as at least two instances where men marrying Hyde heiresses took the surname of their wives, and one instance where the man kept his (non-Hyde) surname but his children appear to have taken the surname of their mother. So what we expect is that there will not be one particular genetic result, but instead several. Some of our Y-DNA test-takers are participating in the North Mercia Project, which Joe Flood and Dan C Hyde are working on, https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-a6093-north-mercia/about/background

  • Thank you so much for answering so many of my questions and raising others in my mind. If the accuracy of dates and names line up for the missing 150 years between Henry born 1601( son of Laurence and brother of Nicholas,Edward…and my gggwilliam Hyde of Donyatt) I can claim a continuous line.? At the same time I’ve learnt a lot and had a lot of fun getting this far, I might just take a break for awhile!

  • Hi there,
    I am looking for information on Thomas Hyde of Annapolis, owner of Maryland Inn
    And possibly tannery owner.
    I would greatly appreciate any help.
    I think Ann Sterling (name from above) mentioned she had some.
    It would be great!
    Thank you!

    • Not the same branch. My ancestors immigrated from England to Cayman Islands in 1830ties. Then to Bay Islands of Honduras…Island of Roatan to be specific. I was born there in 1945.

  • Hello again, Hyde Family! 🙂
    Does anyone know if we’ve ever found out who the unborn child was that is mentioned in the will of Richard Hyde (1717-1762)? It sounds like his wife Mildred was due fairly soon in 1762? Thanks!

  • I have been attempting to find out my family lines through my grandmother on Ancestry. I can trace her mothers line pretty far however, I can not get past my great grandfather. My great grandfather was John Edward Hyde Born May 26, 1901 in Woolwich, England and died in 1977 Shepway, Kent, England. He married Olive L Dixon in July 1938 and they had 3 sons and one daughter. Don Hyde (England), Ted Hyde (Texas, USA), Wally Hyde (Australia), and my grandmother Jean Lilian Hyde. She married John Charles Gannaway and lived out her life in North Little Rock and Jacksonville, AR. Jean was born in 1934 and passed away in 2013. I would also love to know more about our family history and maybe meet or talk to some cousins. I also have a niece who is interested in this side of the family as well. Thank You in advance!

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