North Carolina Project Documents

General Hyde Records/Documents across Several States

Tom Hyde’s Hide/Hyde Families in NC, SC, GA, and TN about 1750-1820

Tom Hyde’s Hide/Hyde Families in NC, SC, GA, and TN about 1790-1810 by date order

Tom Hyde’s Hide/Hyde Families by DNA Matches

North Carolina Hyde Records/Documents

Documents Associated with State of North Carolina

Formation of North Carolina Counties is key to Genealogy 

Map of North Carolina Counties in 1740, 1760, 1775, and 1780

Map of North Carolina Counties in 1780 and in 1800


Documents Associated with a County of North Carolina

Rowan County, NC History 1753


Documents Associated with Individuals

Benjamin Hide/Hyde, Rowan Co., NC

William Hyde, Rowan Co., NC


Bible Records


Census Records
Federal Census 1790 Halifax District, Halifax County, NC, page 64

Federal Census 1790 Salisbury District, Surry County, NC, page 184

Federal Census 1790 Morgan District, Lincoln County, NC, page 111

Federal Census 1790 Newbern District, Craven County, NC, page 131

Federal Census 1790 Hillsborough District, Granville County, NC, page 90

Federal Census 1790 Fayette District, Anson County, NC, page 36

Federal Census 1790 Morgan District, Burke County, NC, page 108

Federal Census 1800, ?? for Edward Leatherwood


Church Records


Court Records




Land Grants
North Carolina Land records

North Carolina and Tennessee, Early Land Records 1753 – 1931


Military Records

William Hyde Revolutionary War 

William Hyde Revolutionary War Pension Record 

William Hyde Revolutionary War Pension Land Warrant


Newspaper Articles


Pension Records


Taxpayer Records

North Carolina Taxpayers of 1701-1786, page 93, no Hide

North Carolina Taxpayers of 1701-1786, page 103, Hyde



North Carolina Wills, page 235, Hide

North Carolina Wills, page 259, Hyde

Records of States where North Carolina Hydes Migrated

South Carolina

Index to the 1800 Census of South Carolina, page 112 – Hide







Executions in the US 1846-1869 – John Hyde in Texas 1856 

Texas Supreme Court Review of John Hyde vs State of Texas

J. K. Hyde 1850 Federal Census


West Virginia

Mason County, WV Hydes


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  • Hi, I’m a descendant of William Holland Thomas and am writing a new book about him. DNA testing confirms that he had children with Catherine Hyde (b. 1819, Macon? Co. NC – d.1896 Swain Co). William Pendleton Hyde (and possibly his sister Eliza Hyde) are Will Thomas’s children.

    Catherine later married Michael Cline and had two children with him. If any of you are descended from Catherine Hyde, I’d love to be in touch. I’m including all his relationships and children in the book and would love to hear any family histories or stories.

    Elizabeth Thomas

    • Craig, there’s no documentation that I’m aware of for Charles Hyde dying in Hyde County, SC in 1810. Oddly enough, there were no Hydes living in Hyde County, NC in 1810 as far as I know. For whatever reason, Hydes are rare in early Hyde county. The county itself was named for Edward Hyde, 1667 – 1712, who served as the 1st Governor of NC from Jan-Sept 1712. He’s often confused with the flamboyant Edward Hyde, 3rd Earl of Clarendon, 1661 – 1723, who served as Governor of NY and NJ. Craig, having heard from you before, I’m going to hazard a guess that you’re thinking of the Charles Hyde who appeared as an old man in the 1790 census for SC. There’s a colonial reference to a “Charles Hide, planter of Lunenburg, Virginia” who may be the same man. There are several other Charles Hide/Hydes within about a 300 mile radius at that time, but I don’t want to confuse the issue. If you’ve discovered something in Hyde County, please let us know. The best person to contact is Tom, as this is also his line.

      • Tom Hyde’s information on this site is where I came up with Charles in Hyde County. I have not found anything on any Hyde’s in that county.

  • Still searching Della Hyde, daughter of Eugene Hyde of Toisnot Township, NC born 1881 died 1917. She’s the mom of my grandfather, Nick (John) Hyde born 1903 (1899) died 1981 in Durham, NC. Specifically: searching for the FATHER of Nick (John) Hyde and his siblings. Census records show Nick and siblings living with Eugene Hyde, their grandfather. Della’s name found on bastardy bonds during that time period. Just would love to know who my grandfather’s father was.

  • I am descended from Elizabeth Ann Hyde Battle sister of Catheryne Hyde. AKA Kanaka, ( Cherokee). So, from living on the Big Island, I knew that the word Kanaka, meant local Hawaiian, and as well. I have come up with a Polynesian marker in my DNA. The Kanaka name is coming down in the Little Carpenter line. Anyone else coming up with Polynesian ancestry?

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