DNA Successes

  • The Hyde DNA Study has enabled several of us in the R1a1a haplogroup to break through the “brick wall” of 1796. It has since re-united a family that I had never imagined. We now have joined 7 different Hyde lines that drifted apart in the late 1700’s. Besides the DNA matching up, several of us have exchanged photos and WOW!!! The family traits are astounding, further tying us together.


    I have a feeling that all of us R1a1a Hydes may be the same family. If you look at DYS448, ALL of us that have proven relationships have a value of “0”. I think that is a unique identifier for us. As my cousin Tom has said, “It looks as though half of the Hydes went down the East coast, the other half went through the Cumberland Gap with Daniel Boone”.


    I urge all Hydes to get involved to help us to sort out this big puzzle.
    Happy hunting!
    Dan G. Hyde, Cedar Hill, Mo.

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  • Hello, my name is Brent Martin. My Mother was a Hyde. My 8th Great Grandfather was William Hyde, who arrived in this country in 1633 in Newton Mass. and later moved to Norwich Connecticut. I have a record of this line that runs to my mother. It includes Samuel 1637-1677, John 1667-1727, Captain James 1707-1793, Captain James 1752-1809, Erastus 1775-1849, Joseph 1807-1847, Joseph 1842-1890, Martin 1880-1947, Catherine 1910-1961. Might this be helpful to your search? Perhaps I still have relatives in the Norwich or Mystic area? Sincerely, Brent Martin

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