Annual William Christopher Hyde Family Reunion, Sept. 10, 2016

Come one! Come All! To the Annual William Christopher Hyde Reunion (Saturday, September 10,2016) at Tannehill State Park in McCalla, Alabama. It’s time again for the Annual Hyde Reunion of William Christopher Hyde’s relatives and friends.


Tannehill State Park is located off of the Bucksville Exit of Interstate 59 (Exit 100). There are signs that you can follow. Also, if you are coming from I-459 then it is the first exit at McCalla (Exit 1). You go past McAdory High School several miles and it is on the left. The road you are traveling is Eastern Valley Road. It has a big sign that says Tannehill State Park. Tannehill is located in three Counties: Jefferson, Bibb and Tuscaloosa Counties.


THE REUNION is at the Kiwanis Shed near the PLAYGROUND and by the museum. After you get to the entrance of the park you will turn right. Look for signs. The shed should also have a sign that says Hyde Reunion on it.


William Christopher Hyde was the Tin Peddler who moved all over Alabama and he was born in Hall County, Georgia. He lived in these Counties in Alabama: Fayette, Walker, Jefferson, Bibb and Shelby.


He married twice and had 10 children by each wife. Here are his family names:


His first wife was Caroline Margaret Farley born abt. 1825 in Alabama died Before 1872.

Children of William Christopher Hyde and Caroline Margaret Farley:


1. Elizabeth Hyde b. abt. 1846 in Mississippi. She married Joseph Sewell or Joseph Sewett.

2. May Hyde b. abt. 1850 in Mississippi

3. Jane Hyde b. abt 1853 in Alabama. She married David Deramus or David Geramas

4. James Montgomery Hyde b. abt 1854 married to a Sarah E. ? told he was married several times but I don’t have any other spouses.

5. Julia Hyde b. abt. 1855 in Alabama. She married a Booth.

6. Margaret Hyde abt. 1857 in Alabama married a Pickett one time and a Hatcher one time.

7. Arvel (Arv, Arvil) Hyde his first name might have been Francis. b. 20 Jul 1860 in Alabama d. 30 Jan 1956 in
Rutledge Springs, Jefferson County, Alabama. Buried at Hullins Chapel Cemetery, Springville, St. Clair County, Alabama. Married Mary Mitchell (b. abt. 1855) Married Eliza Francis McCay (b. Dec 13, 1890) May 1918 in Springville, St. Clair County, Alabama

8. Willie Hyde b. 1865 died unknown

9. Susan Hyde b. May 14, 1867 Died June 19, 1932 and she married a Boothe.


William’s second wife: Selia (Celia) Bircheat (It has different last name spellings) b. Oct 24, 1847 in Alabama died May 10 1910 and she is buried at Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery in Shelby County. She is buried by William Christopher Hyde.


Children of William and Celia:


1. Joel W. Hyde b. March 6, 1873 in Fayette, Fayette County, Alabama and died September 5, 1892 and he is also buried at Antioch Baptist Church.

2. Christopher William Hyde (AKA Buddy Hyde) b. Fayette County, Alabama. But I have been also told he was born in Ga. I will have to check on this. d. Feb 12, 1919 He married Sara Elizabeth Clark (B. Jan 10, 1878)on August 1, 1897.

3. Shelby Lee Hyde (Shep) He was a Primitive Baptist Preacher. b. August 13, 1876 d. October 29, 1964 in Alabama. He married Mary Elizabeth Callie Jane Majors (b. Mar 26, 1884) on Feb 18, 1900. His second wife was Ossie Norris (b. June 27, 1891).

4. Austin Augustine Hyde b. May 11, 1878 in Fayette, Fayette County, Alabama d. Oct. 25, 1958 in Birmingham, Alabama. Married Sarah Jane Sylina Ann White (b May 6, 1882) September 19, 1899 In Birmingham, Alabama

5. Burl Boston Hyde b. September 20, 1879 in Walker County, Alabama d. Feb 20, 1957 in Bibb County,Alabama married Mary Ann Blake (b Aug 26, 1887)on September 20 1913.

6. Rufus F. Hyde He was a Primitive Baptist Preacher. b.October 27, 1881 in Walker County, Alabama d. July 19, 1947 in Chilton County, Alabama married Amie Viola Williams (b 1882) on July 20 1902.

7. John Newton Hyde b. May 19, 1885 d. August 5, 1947 He married Ossie Norris (b June 27, 1891) Apr 4 1910.

8. Thomas Jefferson Hyde b April 18, 1887 in Shelby County Alabama d. Apr 1971. He married Nettie Majors (b. abt 1895) Mar 12, 1908.

9. Caroline (Carrie) Hyde Collins b. September 6, 1888 in Bibb county, Alabama d. June 16 1971. She married Joseph Michael Collins (Apr 5, 1881) on Apr 18 1903 in Bibb County, Alabama

10. Henry Clay (Clay) Hyde b. August 16, 1890 d. July 5, 1960 He married Alice Marie Clark (b. Feb. 11, 1895) on Mar 3, 1911.


William Christopher Hyde’s parents are thought to be Austin and Julia Bell Hide. Their family is thought to be as follows:


Austin Hide, M, b. Bet. 1790-1794, d. Aft. 1865
Wife 1, Julia Ann Bell, F, b. Abt. 1790

Child 1, F, b. 1810-1815
Child 2, M, b. 1815-1820
Child 3, M, b. 1815-1820
Child 4, M, b. 1815-1820
Child 5, F, b. 1820-1825
Child 6, F, b. 1820-1825
Child 7, M, b. 1825-1830
Child 8, M, William Christopher Hyde, b. 3/28/1828, m.
Caroline Farley Abt. 1845, d. 10/29/1913
Child 9, F, Julia Ann Hyde, b. 8/21/1830, m. Elam Booth Abt.
1850, d. 10/26/1897
Child 10, F, Mary Hyde, b. 1833, m. David Pickett Abt. 1848, d. 1910
Child 11, F, Delia Hyde, b. Abt. 1835, d. Bef. 1850


Wife 2, Mary Gross, b. Abt 1798, m. Abt 1842, d. Aft. 1880

Child 12, F, Frances Hide, b. 6/30/1843, m. James Wesley Booth 9/29/1861, d. 4/5/1920
Child 13, F, Martha Hide, b. 8/1847, m. Zachariah Taylor Honeycutt 11/14/1869, d. 2/1924
Child 14, F, Anna Hide, b. Abt 1855, m. Gonzelo A. Varnon, d. 4/14/1930


If you need any more information or directions on how to go please email me at I will be happy to give you directions. Or tell you more about this family if interested.


Everyone that is related or knows this family please come. We will be having dinner there too. Bring a dish with you and let’s enjoy each other’s company. Also, please bring old pictures and any information on your family that you have.


For more information about Tannehill please check their website at


Let’s keep this Reunion going on for generations to come!!
Hope to see you there!!



Leah Hyde Latimer



  • Please advise as to when the next Hyde reunion will be for 2015. I am grandchild to Albert M Hyde, great grandfather was James Montgomery Hyde. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

  • Janie,

    I will contact Leah Hyde Latimer and see if she knows the detail on the 2015 William Christopher Hyde Reunion. If she knows, I will send you a message as well as post it here.

    Dan C. Hyde

    • Dear Daniel and Janie and whoever else is interested in the William Christopher Hyde Family Reunion.
      It will be 2 weeks from tomorrow on Saturday, September 12,2015 at Tannehill State Park in Alabama close to McCalla and Bessemer, Alabama. Please bring lunch and any information that you have about our family. If you know of anybody else that is interested and not on the internet or facebook or this website please invite them too. I hope to take pictures of the various family groups of this family. Please don’t leave until that is over and please plan to stay as long as you like after lunch. This is so that we all can get to visit a while. I plan to have a sign in book and name tags when you arrive. Please come early. We plan to get there around 10 or 10:30 a.m. Central time. Your cousin, Leah Hyde Latimer

  • I forgot a detail. It will be in the main part of Tannehill at the Kiwanis Shed.

    Thanks again,

    Your cousin,

    Leah Hyde Latimer

    • When is the next William Christopher Hyde Reunion? He was my husbands 2 great grandfather.We have been trying to find information on his family. We would love to attend a reunion. Thank you. James donald Hyde sr. Martha Hallman Hyde

  • Hello, I am the Great granddaughter of Ped Honeycutt, his daughter was Ozella Honeycutt Allen. I currently live in Thomaston, ga. i am searching for the descendants of WmChristopher Hyde; Ped’s Mother was was Martha Honeycutt, Selia Bircheat daughter, she married Zachariah Honeycutt; these are Ped Honeycutt’s parents. Do you have any family history you could share with me. We really never knew of this side of the family. Also was, caroline; Selia’s mother native American. Cannot wait to hear of this side of the family.

    • Hey Jo Ann,

      Thanks for your email. The Descendants of William Christopher Hyde are very huge. He married twice and had 10 children by each wife. I am from his second marriage. Did you see the information that I put on this website about the reunion in 2013? It lists all of his children by both wives. You were asking about Caroline Honeycutt being Native American. The pictures that we have sure look like she was but there is no proof anywhere that I have found that she is. I have looked at the archives in Oklahoma and all over the internet and could not find any information about that. Back then if they were Native Americans they listed themselves as white on the Censuses so they could stay on their land. Caroline Honeycutt’s parents were Celia Nancy Jane Strigling and Joel Honeycutt.
      The next William Christopher Hyde family reunion will be at Tannehill State Park in Alabama (Kiwanis Shed) on Saturday, September 10, 2016. Hope you can come.
      I would like to keep in touch and if you want more information about William Christopher Hyde’s children please send me your email address or contact Daniel and tell him to contact me and I will be glad to give you more information and put you on my email list for the reunion.


      Leah Hyde Latimer

    • I am a descendant in Alabama. My Mom is Helen Lee Hyde Foust. I had her DNA done….came out 58% western Asian/middle eastern (Native American) also report said there are 4 DNA markers that determine if you are Jewish and among modern day Jews half of them only have 1 marker. My Mom had 3! I own a copy of the first published History of the American Indian by James Adair. Published in 1775. He gives the evidence he found that our 5 civilized tribes had Jewish/middle east roots. What was Selia’s mothers name? Is she on a Dawes roll?

      • Hi Linda,

        This is Leah Hyde Latimer. I remember your mom coming to the William Christopher Hyde Reunion.

        Selia’s mother’s name was Caroline Honeycutt or Hunnicutt. She was born in 1812 in Alabama and died October 9, 1909 in Corona, Walker, Alabama. Her father’s name was Christopher Columbus Bircheat Sr. Born in 1818 in North Carolina They married on April 30, 1842 in Shelby County, Alabama. Selia’s mother Caroline, I can’t find her on the Dawes Roll. A lot of the people that were Native Americans did not put that on the Census’ because they wanted to stay on their land.

        Caroline’s mother’s name was Celia Nancy Jane Strigling Born 1797 and Caroline’s father was born in 1784 in SC. That is all I have on Caroline’s parents.

        The next William Christopher Hyde Family Reunion will be on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at Tannehill State Park in McCalla, Alabama. It will be at the Kiwanis Shed in the main part of the park. I hope to see you and your mother and any other of your family members there and also anyone who is related to this family. I can’t put you on and email list because we can’t put our email addresses on this website.

        I hope this answers your questions. I hope to see you at the reunion in September.


        Leah Hyde Latimer

  • Ped Honeycutt’s parents were Zachariah Taylor Honeycutt and Martha Hyde Honeycutt; who was the daughter of Celia Bircheat Hyde; her Mother has been isted as Caroline Honeycutt Bircheat. Was curious who the parents of Caroline was.Does anyone have any information and I would love to be put on your newsletter list and know when the reunions are.

    • Hello, This is Leah Hyde Latimer.

      Caroline Honeycutt Bircheat’s parents are Celia Nancy Jane Strigling b. 1797 in SC and Joel Honeycutt b. 1784 in SC. That is all that I have on Caroline’s parents.

      The next William Christopher Hyde family Reunion will be Saturday, September 10, 2016 at Tannehill State Park in McCalla Alabama. It will be at the Kiwanis Shed in the main part of the park.
      I can’t put you on an email list because we can’t put our email addresses on this website.


      Leah Hyde Latimer


      Leah Hyde Latimer

  • Thank you for the info about Caroline parents. I found her and a picture of her on geni. I am sorry we cannot come to the reunion as I will be speaking at the Native American Women’s Conference that weekend in Deadwood SD. Please check out our website and the ministry we have with our First Nations people.

  • Thank you. I found Caroline’s info and picture but did not have her parents on geni. I am so sorry but we cannot come to the reunion as I am the speaker for the Native American Women’s Conference that week-end in Deadwood SD. God has given me a ministry with our First Nations people. I will be on the Pine Ridge Reservation in SD and Navajo Nation in AZ this summer also. So excited to have an actual picture of one of our Native ancestors. Hope to be able to meet in person some day.

  • My father is James William Meeks who is the great grandson of Wild Bill Hyde as I knew him growing up. My father’s mother (my grandmother) is Esther Irene who is the daughter of Rufus Hyde and Amie Viola. This is so exciting to find this page and how much I’d love to get down there to be apart of the reunion!

  • I’m looking for more information on his parents as I’ve hit a snag with my search. I’ve found a lot about his wife (my great great great grandmother) Selia Bircheat.

  • Hey Amanda,

    It is great hearing from you. I’m sorry that you missed the reunion last Saturday, September 10, 2016. Please come to the next reunion next year in September 2017. I really want to meet you. As for information on William Christopher’s parents it is hard to explain. I have some of his sisters names and information. Would you please send me your email address so that we can keep in touch about the reunion next year and the information that I need to explain to you about William Christopher’s parents?

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Your cousin,

    Leah Hyde Latimer

  • Just saw this about the reunion. Miss that so much .grew up going ever year till we moved out of state to Texas for my mom heart transplant in the 80s. He is my great great grand pa. Elna Celia Hyde my grandmother that help raised me in Alabama

  • The next William Christopher Hyde Family Reunion will be Saturday, October 8, 2022 at Tannehill State Park in McCalla, Alabama. It will be at the main part of the park at the Kiwani’s shed by the playground and museum. Everyone that is related and friends of William Christopher Hyde’s family are invited to come! He’s the one that had 20 children, 10 children each by two wives. The Reunion starts at 10 am and last until 3 or 4 pm. We will be having dinner there also. So please bring dinner and some folding chairs and any information or pictures that you want to share. If you have any questions please leave your questions here on this website. I will try to answer them the best way that I know of. Thanks, Leah Hyde Latimer

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