Hyde Family Lines

Paper trail family lines are organized by the name of the oldest known Hyde ancestor.


Don’t see your line? You can send us an email, or enter it in a comment below. Please enter the full name of your furthest confirmed Hyde ancestor, including their middle name if you have it, and the dates and places they were born and lived. Spouse and sibling names are a big help in placing them. Ask the questions you would like answers for, i.e. Who are their parents? Where did they move to or from? What happened to this particular brother or sister? Please include your name and email address so we can contact you.


Hyde Family Lines added:


Hyde Lines in England


de Hyde Matthew (c1164-?) – Hyde, Cheshire, England


Hyde, Charles (1740-abt.1810) – London, England


Hyde, Thomas (1818-?) – Ardwick, Manchester, England


Hyde Lines in America


Hyde, Humphrey (abt. 1620-1684) – Fairfield, CT


Hyde, James (abt 1740-1810) – New Jersey to Hacker’s Creek, Harrison Co, WV


Hyde, Jonathan (1626-1711) – Newton, MA


Hyde, Jonathan (1727-1802) – New Windsor, MD


Hyde, Micajah (1797-1875) – Hall Co., GA

Hyde, Samuel (1610 – 1689) – Newton, MA


Hyde, Squire (abt 1762-1847) Plainsfield, CT

Hyde/Hide, William (??-1681) – Norwich, CT


Hyde, William (1780-?) – Breckinridge Co., KY




    • Colleen, I’m about to send you an email, if you don’t receive it today 2/19 please contact me (contact info on website). I believe he was Oliver Perry Hyde, son of Oliver Perry Hyde and cousin to Richard Starkey Hyde, who was b VA, d Chariton County, MO. Naming convention of Revolutionary War or naval heroes. Perry and Liza eloped without her parents consent and there was a bit of a coverup that resulted in some erroneous genealogy.

  • To the author of this website I really need to thank you now, I can trace back my ancestors. Thank you my name is Ryan Hyde and I am honored that you took the time to do this.

      • hello me and my aunt are doing a family tree and we are tracing back our heritage we have traced so far back to Canada and Scotland

        • Ryan, my name is Michael Hyde. My Great-great-grandfather was James Hyde (1814-1861). He and his wife, Agnes Clark (1824-1889) emigrated from Glasgow, Scotland to Montreal, Quebec in June 1853. They had twelve children – – nine surviving infancy. I have a large family tree on Ancestry.com called “Hyde Boronow Irvine Shaw”. I have many Hyde family relatives in Canada. I would like to compare notes if you want to get in touch.

        • Ryan, we’re happy to assist. Please let us know your furthest, confirmed on paper, Hide/Hyde ancestor, their spouse’s name – even a first name is helpful – and approximate dates and location. You can email us directly if you prefer.

  • Hi
    I’m trying to trace 3 generations of Onesiphorous Hyde who was from Dorset in England and said to have travelled to the US in 16th or 17 th century . Onesiphorous Hyde no . 1 born in 1690 married Elizabeth Horwell . Their son Onesiphorous born 1720 . His son Onesiphorous born 1749 . They may have been from Milborne Port in Sherborne, Dorset or surrounding area. I’m trying to confirm if any of them travelled to the US . This is the family rumour . My Great grandmother was Agnes Hyde daughter of William Hyde . All from the same area and struggling to link them to Onesiphorous Hyde family . Any help would be very much appreciated.

    • Sarah, you have a wonderful genealogical situation here in that Onesiphorus/Onesephorus/Onisiphony Heyde/Hide/Hyde turns up quite a bit, but needs to be untangled. The America story might have come about as a result of generation 3 or 4, of Abbas Combe, Somerset. This Onisiphorus spent some time in the Ilchester, Somerset gaol but was not transported. I’m coming up with different parents for generation 1, although Roger Hide/Hyde and Ann Chiles did spend time in Cerne Abbas, Dorset. A professional genealogist could have this sorted in about 2-3 hours, because the records are all there, but it’s painstaking work to capture and sort them all, and the online trees have entries that don’t match the records. My recommendation is to hire a professional, because there are records that go back further than 1st gen Onesiphorus, so I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you want to provide more information about Agnes, daughter of William, I can see if she ties into this line. Feel free to email me, it’s on our contact page.

  • Hi Ann, I am also a GOONS member but haven’t yet got far along with my intended study. I recently broke down a brick wall and find I have Hydes ancestors in Leicestershire and possibly Lincolnshire. You don’t seem to have any lines for that area. Would be happy to supply further details if you’d care to contact me.

    • Julie, sending you an email. We don’t have many lines for England although I am working on one now that goes back to Anglo-Saxon times and involves the earliest Hydes.

  • I do not see information on my 7th great grandfather, Richard Hartwell, who I believe was born 1717 Surry, Virginia and died 1762 in Edgecombe, North Carolina. He was married to Mildred Hartwell (1720 Edgecombe, North Carolina and died 1795 Halifax, North Carolina. His will names sons Henry, Hartwell, and Lucas. Daughters named were, Anne, Letitia, Sophia, and Cheyney.

    I descend from Richard through his son Hartwell who I believe married Mary Reavis. Their children were Letitia (my 5th great grandmother), Mary, Mildred, Sophia, Priscilla, Jincy Jane, Pheriba, Elizabeth and Hartwell Blount.

    Letitia married William Spann before 1800 in North Carolina. Their children were Polly, Hartwell B. and William. They lived in the Spanntown Road area of Williamson County, Tennessee. I descend from Hartwell B. through his son, Benjamin Franklin “Roy” Spann who married Hiley Ann Decker in Wayne County, Kentucky in 1852. Their daughter, Margaret Jane Spann and Henry Granville Bryant were my 2nd great grandparents through their daughter, Eliza Jane Bryant, who married in 1905 in Menard Co., IL. Their son, Auburn Edward King was my grandfather.

    • Jeanette, this is the Richard Hyde “The Pirate” line. We’ve been discussing putting this in the next newsletter. Almost caught up with queries and ready to move forward on the newsletter.

      • I am also a descendant of the Richard Hyde “The Pirate” line, through Richard b 1717’s son Henry. Henry went to (what became) Middle Tennessee. There are cool pictures of his headstone online from the Hyde Cemetery in Davidson County, Tennessee. The Hydes established and ran a ferry over the Cumberland River that was called Hyde’s Ferry. There is a historical marker about Hyde’s Ferry Turnpike nearby. I am very interested in this family. One of Henry’s sons, Tazewell, had seven or so children, including my 3G grandmother, Ellen. At her widowhood, Ellen was probably the wealthiest woman in Middle Tennessee, from what I have heard. What I know so far is in my tree on ancestry.com at REESESPIECES2019. –Cathy

  • Hi! I am trying to find out any information you might have regarding my great, great grandfather, Patrick Hyde. He was born in Cork, Ireland September 29, 1839, and died February 10, 1920, in Ketchum, Idaho. He married Ann Greer March 18, 1886. They had 5 children — Mary Ellen, James, Florence, Thomas and William.

    Mary Ellen Hyde, born June 9, 1887, in Idaho, is my great grandmother.

    I believe Patrick Hyde arrived in America in 1852 and may have lived in Boston, MA. But I have no information about him until he married Ann Greer — he was 20 years older than she was. Unfortunately, Mary Ellen was the only one to have children. She only had one, Caroline Helen Smith, born March 4, 1908, who I believe was raised by Patrick and Ann. Mary Ellen died October 31, 1920.

    Any direction you could point me in or information you could share would be greatly appreciated!

  • There’s a baptism record for a Patrick Hyde on 5 October 1839, at Youghal, Cork, father Florence Hyde and mother Ellen Ahern. This may be the correct record as it aligns with his known birthday of 29 Sept 1839 (most of the surviving baptismal records for any Patrick Hyde in 1839 occur prior to Patrick’s accepted birthdate so can be ruled out). The thing is, Patrick Hyde is a very common name in Ireland, and the facts about this particular Patrick Hyde are conflicted. 

    On Patrick’s death record, W.H.R (name difficult to discern, but s/he provided the information on the certificate), stated that Patrick’s father’s name was also Patrick Hyde and his mother’s name was unknown. That may simply be that the person who provided the information did not know Patrick very well. It would be a good idea to find out who WHR was. 
    According to the (2nd) marriage record of his daughter, Florence A. Eby, to Harmon Stockdale, her father was born “near Dublin”. Since Youghal and Dublin are not exactly close, even if we go by counties, it’s not clear what’s going on. There are many possibilities as to why she might have said this, and these range from it being accurate to her not being comfortable spelling Youghal, as Dublin would be an instantly familiar city to the clerk. Having a daughter named Florence is also a point in favor of Patrick’s parents being Florence and Ellen, but that’s circumstantial. There are indications that his father Florence Hyde of Youghal went by his middle name, so without records or elderly relatives to verify information, it’s still a coin toss.  
    I see where Patrick is thought to have come through Boston. He may have. The problem with that is the naturalization record on many of the online trees. Patrick James Hyde was a printer who took the oath of allegiance in Boston 15 Nov 1859, when he was 29 years old. He seems to have married a Catherine and died in MA. Charles J McCarthy and John Riley vouched for him. This Patrick came over at age 13 on the ship “North America” with a 12 year old Margaret Hyde. He said that he was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. So this would be unlikely to be Patrick Hyde of Idaho. There were many other Irish Hydes who came through Boston, so if Patrick had any other relatives who came to America, we could triangulate. His religion and his profession are equally important. I need to learn more about Idaho as a migration place, because it doesn’t fit what I know at the present time (although it’s gorgeous, one of my high school friends and one of my husband’s friends both chose to move there with their families in the past few years).  
    One final thought. Something that few professional genealogists in Ireland realize is that the surname “Hyde/Hide” is not exclusively a Northern plantation name nor a “Cork people” name. It’s one of the oldest surnames in Ireland, stretching back nearly a thousand years. Catholic records for Youghal Hydes go back quite a ways.

  • There are quite a few people near Crossville, TN with the name Hyder; also a Hyder Cemetery. Is this another form of the Hyde name or no connection to any of us Hyde’s?

    • Darlene, Hyder is a proto-Germanic topographical surname similar to Hyde but it evolved entirely independently in a number of different locations. It’s most common in Germany but I’m also seeing Elizabethan era references in England. TN has the largest concentration of Hyders in the US, and many descend from one of the earliest settlers, a Michael Hyder, son of German immigrant Hans Michael Heider/Hyder.

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