Old Books

Old and Hard-to-find Books Useful to Hyde Family Researchers

Scheduled to be re-organized by geographical location of family members.
* The Duration of Life and Conditions Associated with Longevity. A study of the Hyde Genealogy By Alexander Graham Bell. Published 1918 by Genealogical record office in Washington, D. C. read online here: http://www.archive.org/stream/durationoflifeco00bellrich#page/n9/mode/2up Not useful for genealogy, included here as an item of general interest. Bell’s take on Walworth’s famous 2 volume set, below:


Hyde Genealogy of the Descendants, in the female as well as in the male lines from William Hyde, of Norwich, by Reuben H. Walworth, J. Munsell Company, Albany, NY, 1864, 1446 pages, two volumes available on-line at http://archive.org/details/hydegenealogyord01walw and http://archive.org/details/hydegenealogyord02walw


* Genealogical Notes on Mather, Hyde, and Thompson families. Compiled by Thomas R. Buell. Published 1959 by Moore-Langen in Terre Haute, Indiana.


* Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, Volume 1, 1909 By Henry Sweetser Burrage, Albert Roscoe Stubbs – Google Books – http://books.google.com/books?id=LDryyTRj8tgC&pg=PA88&lpg=PA88&dq=Hyde+Family+History&source=bl&ots=TLmbP8whJO&sig=EAfHd6dGCiCZgb15alPdQtgJpEk&hl=en&sa=X&ei=ql8UUebgLYig9QTSo4HoAg&ved=0CIYBEOgBMAk4Cg#v=onepage&q=Hyde%20Family%20History&f=false Has info on Daniel Hyde son of Jonathan Hyde and Mary French.


* History of Norwich from Its Settlement in 1660… By Frances Manwaring Caulkins Free Ebook, Hyde references online here: http://books.google.com/books?id=DlWDnPZo4K0C&printsec=frontcover&dq=history+of+norwich+culkins&hl=en&sa=X&ei=dPAnUYGbLuy40QGU34GwBg&ved=0CC8Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=hyde&f=false


* The Hydes of Connecticut, 1611-1982. Published 1981 by D.H.T. Cummings in Syracuse, N.Y. References Helen Hyde (of Lima, NY and Pasadena, CA), whose papers are in the CA Library System and whose artwork can be viewed online.


New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial  Volume IV by William Richard Cutter, A. M.  genealogical notes on Hyde families, as well as Nicholas Ide or Hyde of Rehoboth, MA. https://books.google.com/books?id=NegUAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA2128&lpg=PA2128&dq=%22nicholas+ide%22&source=bl&ots=He_aqw-vQq&sig=7NTqH_rIsgo8kAgRgZvIlY9EWh0&hl=en&sa=X&ei=o4PgUbC5HKGqyAGr34C4Aw&ved=0CE8Q6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=hyde&f=false


* Genealogy of the Family of William Hyde and Eunice Stearns, of Princeton, Mass By Benjamin A. Dean See also Genealogy of the Family of William Hyde and Eunice Stearns, of Hubbardston, Massachusetts by Benjamin Angier Dean (1889)


* Reverend Samuel Hide and Some of his Descendants By Mary Lovering Holman (1942)


* Report of the Committee to Investigate the Hyde Estate July 1st, 1878. Read online http://openlibrary.org/books/OL23350911M/Report_of_the_Committee_to_Investigate_the_Hyde_Estate


* Bradford Vermont Burials 1770 – 1997 By Arthur L Hyde 139 pages


* Pioneer Days, the Story of an Adventurous and Active Life By Charles Leavitt Hyde, latest reprint 2010.


* The Descendants of Andrew Hyde of Lenox, Massachusetts:  Sixth in Descent from William Hyde of Norwich, Connecticut : Including the Descendants of Rebecca Hyde Aye of Morrow County, Ohio By Edith Drake Hyde, Edwards Bros Pub, 1937, 58 pages. https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=wu.89066169889;view=1up;seq=2


* The Hyde family in England and America; The Fuller family in England and America. By Florence Fuller Hyde Published 1967, University of Wisconsin – Madison. 167 pages. Contains unreliable early Hyde information.


* Some Descendants of Jonathan Hyde in the tenth generation and their allied families, 1626–1941 Compiled and printed by George B. Hyde. Published 1941 Ashland, MA


* Winnebago County, Illinois cemetery stone records By Harold B Hyde


* Roots & Branches By Harriet Virginia Baker Hyde (Author) Priv. print., 1953 – History – 99 pages. Unable to find the book to ascertain which branches.


* Marriage records, Spencer County, Indiana by Christine Young, Ethel Smith, Hazel Hyde (1974)


* Pecatonica Cemetery inscriptions, Winnebago County, State of Illinois by Hazel M. Hyde


* Winnebago County, Illinois cemetery inscriptions by Hazel M. Hyde (1972)


* Boone County, Illinois: cemetery inscriptions by Hazel M. Hyde (1971)


* Old letters, Bible records, family histories and cemetery records from Winnebago County by Hazel M Hyde (1970)


* South Burritt (Prospect) Cemetery, Winnebago County Cemetery by Hazel M. Hyde (1969)


* Winnebago County, Illinois cemetery inscriptions by Hazel M. Hyde (1971)


* Early wills and estate settlements, Spencer County, Indiana : original record book, 1818-1831; will record book… by Christine Young, Ethel Smith, Hazel M. Hyde


* Young Cemetery inscriptions, Spencer County, State of Indiana by Christine Young, Ethel Smith, Hazel Hyde (1971)


* Annals of Hyde and District: Containing Historical Reminiscences of Denton, Haughton, Dukinfield, Mottram, Longdendale, Bredbury, Marple, and the Neighbouring Townships by Thomas Middleton, Publ Cartwright & Rattray, 1899 – Cheshire (England) https://books.google.com/books?id=jvUVAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=hyde+hall+and+hyde+family+thomas+middleton&hl=en&sa=X&ei=eaeGUdzCIIfg0gGgt4DYCA&ved=0CC4Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=hyde%20hall%20and%20hyde%20family%20thomas%20middleton&f=false


* The genealogical history of the families of Hyde of Milborne Port of the Co. Somerset; Hyde of Nether Compton of the Co. Dorset; Hyde of Broadmayne, Upwey, Dorchester & Martinstown, all in the Co. of Dorset; Cross of Axmouth of the Co. of Devon; Dampier of Axmouth Co., Devon, and Wambrook in the County of Dorset; Jefford of Axmouth, Uplyme & Musbury, all in the County of Devon; Seward of Colyton, Musbury & Axmouth, all in the County of Devon; Sampson of Colyford & Axmouth Co., Devon; Love of Hawkchurch & Axmouth Co., Devon; Bush of Radstock County, Somerset; Pratten of Radstock County, Somerset Compiled by Kenneth Peter Hyde. Published 1972 in N.Y.


* Richard Hyde of Milborne Port, Somerset, c. 1516-1594 his descendants and related families. Compiled by Kenneth Peter Hyde. Published 1992 by Everton Publishers in Logan, Utah.


* A Captive of War by Solon Hyde, McClure, Phillips & Company, 1900, 389 pages. A free version of the original is available on Google Books. A new annotated version is available for purchase.


* William Birelie Hyde: Letters of a California engineer and lobbyist of the eighteen sixties and seventies Hardcover: 229 pages Publisher: Augusta (Hyde) Bixler Farms; 1St Edition edition (1988)


* Augusta Bixler Farms, a California Delta Farm from Reclamation to the Fourth Generation of Owners By William Hyde Irwin Published 1973 in Brookdale, Calif


* A Genealogical Record and History of the Hyde Family in Stoke Bliss, Hereford, and Worcester, England By Nora Dalia Lempicki, unknown binding, 1991.


* Eiley, the Scotchman’s Daughter,  Dunbar and Hyde Families Compiled by Scottie Rappleye Munns. Published 1992 by S.R.Munns in Antioch, CA (P.O. Box 4522, Antioch 94531-4522). Mentions J.E. Hyde’s Utah expedition. https://books.google.com/books/about/Eiley_the_Scotchman_s_Daughter.html?id=Ir4_GwAACAAJ


* Ancestral Notes, Volume 2, periodical printed by Chewato Service 1955. Mentions John T. and Allyn Hyde of Allegany County, NY. Possibly other books in this series mention Hyde, but these are difficult to come by.

*Irish Pedigrees: Or, The Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation, Volume 2 By John O’Hart, summarizing Delahoyd and other Hyde variants in medieval Irish records, various publishers from 1881. Read online here or download free ebook: http://books.google.com/books?id=qFRmAAAAMAAJ&pg=PR21&source=gbs_selected_pages&cad=3#v=onepage&q=hyde&f=false


* The Annals of the Parish of Swainswick, Near the City of Bath, By R.E.M. Peach, 1890. Page 74, some details of the Hyde Clark family, mentioning Mathew de Hyde and various Earls of Clarendon. Complete text online. http://openlibrary.org/books/OL23277752M/The_annals_of_the_parish_of_Swainswick_%28near_the_city_of_Bath%29


* The History of Ancient Windsor, Connecticut: Including East Windsor, South … By Henry Reed Stiles. Free ebook. Humphrey Hyde reference online here: http://books.google.com/books?id=Qg0WAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA283&dq=hyde+genealogy+ancient+windsor+connecticut&hl=en&sa=X&ei=LPEnUaGpA-zV0gGQvoEo&ved=0CDgQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=hyde%20genealogy%20ancient%20windsor%20connecticut&f=false


Four Generations of Descendants of Jonathan Hyde of Newton, Mass., by Hon. William Henry Harrison Stowell,  in New England Historic Genealogical Society’s Register,  July, 1917, Vol. 71, p. 257-271; Oct, 1917, Vol. 71, p. 342-353.  https://books.google.com/books?id=1soUAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=Genealogical+gleanings+in+England,+by+H.+F.+Waters+hyde+hide&hl=en&sa=X&ei=PPuiVe6-GYPLogTp5pbYDw&ved=0CDAQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Jonathan%20Hyde&f=false


Four Generations of Descendants of Samuel Hyde of Newton, Mass., by Hon. William Henry Harrison Stowell,  in New England Historic Genealogical Society’s Register,  April, 1917, Vol. 71, p. 144-153; July 1917 Vol. 71, p. 284. https://books.google.com/books?id=1soUAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=Genealogical+gleanings+in+England,+by+H.+F.+Waters+hyde+hide&hl=en&sa=X&ei=PPuiVe6-GYPLogTp5pbYDw&ved=0CDAQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Samuel%20Hyde&f=false


* Hyde Family, a Partial Record of One Branch: Descendants of Samuel who came from London to Boston in 1639 and Jonathan who came to America in 1647 Published 1931 by Tuttle Company in Rutland, Vt.


* Gravestone inscriptions, Lee, Mass: In three parts: 1773-1800; 1801-1825; 1826-1850. Also deaths recorded 1775-1800 and marriages by Dr. Hyde prior to 1801 By Dorvil Miller Wilcox



  • I have not been researching my Hyde ancesters for long and have only recently found this website. I really would like to obtain a copy of “A Genealogical Record and History of the Hyde Family in Stoke Bliss, Hereford, and Worcester, England” By Nora Dalia Lempicki (my mother was descended from the Stoke Bliss branch of the family), or does anyone have a copy that they could copy – at my expense – if it’s not too big?
    I have records back to the 1700s so far and am happy to help anyone interested, from my side of the Atlantic.

  • Dear Hydes

    I am a little bit confused. On your website, when I look at old book titles on my iPhone; I see that you have listed ( Pioneer Days, the story of an adventurous and active life. By Charles Leavitt Hyde, latest reprint 2010. This book is still available on Amazon.com and is a fascinating read to say the least. Charles Levitt Hyde of Pierre South Dakota was my great-grandfather and his autobiography is noteworthy for multiple reasons. He lists small biographies of my grandfather Charles Lee Hyde, my aunt Marjorie Hyde and my father Richard Hyde, PhD.

    My confusion arises when I pulled up this portion of the website on my home computer. That book was not listed?

    There is another book by Charles Leavitt Hyde entitled “The descendents of Andrew Hyde of Lenox Massachusetts” (sixth in descent from William Hyde of Norwich, Connecticut). Including the descendents of Rebecca Hyde Aye of Morrow County, Ohio. by Edith Drake Hyde. Published by Edward Brothers, Inc. Ann Arbor Michigan 1937. Forward of the book lists the following “This part of the genealogy of the Hyde family is an attempt to continue to today the line of descent from the place where it is dropped in the Hyde genealogy by Reuben Hyde Walworth to the present-day descendents. The last of that line as given by Walworth is Andrew Hyde who was born in 1757 at Norwich Connecticut and who settled in Lenox Massachusetts.

    The guide for this book has been a chart made for his family (about 1884) by James Franklin Hyde of Lincoln Illinois. On this chart the male and female lines are both carried out and for that and for other reasons, the chart is here in reproduced. “James Franklin Hyde must’ve been in correspondence with all of them, but I (Edith Drake Hyde) have been unable to contact any descendents of Zebadiah Hyde”. The records for that branch of the family are taken from the chart and supplemented whenever it has been possible. That this record is not complete is fully recognized by the author but because the facts that are known to one generation are so quickly forgotten by another, this book is published to deserve what we know about our Hydes.

    I have a copy of this book, it is well documented. The index of that book is rather extensive with an estimated 200 records of Hyde family members. Upon request I would be delighted to look up any specific names and make a PDF file of the notes regarding those individuals and email it to anyone that wants it.

    If one were to actually read Pioneer Days, it becomes evident why a man like Charles Leavitt Hyde would fund and publish a Hyde genealogy that extends from Walton’s excellent Hyde genealogy and attempt to link those individuals to present day descendents of William Hyde of Norwich Connecticut(as of 1937.)

    Please let me know if this information is Helpful.

    Warm Regards

    Scott Hyde

  • I’m looking for Edith Drake Hyde’s Drake Historian Family book. If you can please help I would really appreciate the help. Thank you,
    Nancy Kay Drake

    • Hi Nancy

      You are not looking for the Hyde Genealogy that Edith Drake Hyde did for Charles L. Hyde, of Pierre South Dakota, Is this correct ?? I think Ann Pulled that document up or I mean published a link to same. AMAZING WORK ANN !!! I have a copy of that Hyde genealogy (The Descendents of Andrew Hyde of Lenox, Massachusetts, Sixth in descent from William Hyde of Norwich CT. which was funded by Charles Leavitt Hyde. He was my Great Grand Father. She extended the two volume set of the descendents of Willy Hyde of Norwich CT. done by Ruben Hyde Walworth from where it stopped up to include the family of Chas Leavitt Hyde, I think that is correct ??

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